This year in Aquaman...The question no body has ever dared to ask

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At the end of Aquaman #5, there is a revealing segment that hypes what is to come in 2012...and that was HOW and WHO sunk Atlantis. Problem is: We already KNOW who sunk it. it was Aquaman himself back when he was big watery prisoner back in the Obsidian Age of JLA. Obviously, DC has scrapped this, which I have mixed feelings about but i was wondering what you guys think is going to be the new backstory behind the sinking of Atlantis.

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I am not so sure what DC has planned with this Aquaman Who Sunk Atlantis storyline. I'm interested to find out though. As you I also believed that this question was already answered. But I have a completely different story I read about how Atlantis was sunk.

There was a pretty good 7-part series that was published in the 1990s called The Atlantis Chronicles. It told the story of the history of Atlantis, and was canon as far as I knew. In the story, the Atlantans (at this point still on land) were a group of people facing constant attack, so Orin the King of Atlantis decided to build a dome over their city to protect themselves from outside attackers. Orin's brother Shalako feared building this dome would anger the sky goddess in which he believed. Sure enough once the dome was built, a meteorite came down struck the general area of Atlantis wiping most of the general area around them. The impact from the meteorite caused Atlantis to sink to the bottom of the Ocean, but the Atlantans were all protected under the dome. The Atlantans under the dome thought most of the surface world was wiped out. They spent years living under the dome, over time they eventually developed a syrum that would allow everyone to breath underwater.

Skip ahead a few thousand years, and lots of details, Aquaman is born.

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