The Others: Respect Thread

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Dismembers a man's head

Cuts a machine in Half


Porting in and leaping over Aquaman

Runs ahead of Leapords

Dodging being shot at by Robots

Tosses aside Korec (Soldier)

Disarms The Operative


Gets thrown through Dr. Shin's house by Mera


I can smell his guilt

"I am tied to Earth"

Animal control

Calls Tomo who was in the house to aid her

No mercy

Calls out a panther from pretty much nowhere

The Operative

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Snaps a Guards neck


Dodges a strike from Skinwalker

Dodges weapons being TK'd at him

Disarms a Guard

Dodges Cheshire's Kunai


Takes a punch from Skinwalker with the same hand he punched threw a cave with

Tk slammed into a wall cracking it


Getting every side to work with me

Flying a jet

Designed a plane

Held his own against Cheshire

Gets the drop on a Guard


Laser Pen

Automatic Hangun

Gun shoots through a stone monster

Comm Link

"A Helicopter"

Thermal Vision

Wrist Gun

Prisoner of War

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Chokes an Atlantean



Runs from Black Manta


Takes on several assassins


Hand gun

Hand knife

Dog tags/Soldiers giving POW strength

Dog tags/Deploys Soldiers to fight Ghost

Sky Alchesay

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Knowledge of the Ghost land paths

Shaman Magic

Creates a Cave in

Access to healing spirits

Mastery of the Ghost lands

Ghostland assistance

Sky's otherworldly realm


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Punching Legend

Punches Atlan



Rapid fire shot


Grabbed by Blockbuster

Takes a hit from Blockbuster



Jet pack

Takes down Blockbuster


Ya'Wara vs Vostok-X

The Operative vs KGBeast

The Operative vs Korec (Dead Soldier)

Vostok-X vs Legend


The Atlantean Relics

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Globe of Transportation

Could appear anywhere

Force Teleportation

"Take us to it"

Seal of Clarity

Provides clarity

Access to the Ghostlands

Translates Heiroglyphs

The Key

Lock and unlock anything

Unlocks the mind

Is able to lock in the shields the Manacles make

"Open sesame"

The Manacles

Provides power

Can create impenetrable shields seems to just be limited to how long the user can withstand

Holding back a City sized Tidal wave

Dispersing a shockwave knocking out several Atlanteans

Stopping a Village sized Avalanche

Sending the Solokovs flying with a shockwave

Sends Ya'Wara and The Operative flying with shockwave

Destroys stone monsters with a shockwave

The Helmet

Sustains you any environment

Doesn't need Oxygen, Food, or Sleep


The Dead King's Scepter

"The weapon that sunk Atlantis"

Power to sink continents

The Shield of Life


Provides protection

Takes and cancels out the energy outage of the scepter

The Others


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