The Clear?

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We have gotten some great info and stories on how the Green, the Red, and even the Rot are elemental matrixes of nature over the last few years.

Though in the 90s, I believe it was PAD who tried to introduce the concept of the Clear for Aquaman. Though personally if it is introduced again, it makes more sense to me if the Clear is something else entirely, like the connection to the energy of the ocean itself. Because otherwise it seems more logical to say Aquaman just taps into a limited part of the Red with his telepathy.

So does anyone have any opinions on this? Should the Clear be ignored? Changed?

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Personally I like your take on the Clear, how it should be an energy matrix of sorts for the entirety of the ocean itself, otherwise it's just becoming an offshoot of the Red where he can talk to aquatic life. Granted dolphins and whales are mammals, so maybe he has a limited connection to it, or maybe the clear touches everything that calls the ocean it's home.

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@papamidnite: Considering how he controlled sea gulls and even plankton, it seemed the clear reached to anything in the ocean ecosystem. It also let him talk to the souls of deceased sea creatures as well.

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Yeah I can get on board with that. Doesn't seem too far fetched since it's a morphogenic field that connects every living creature. Why couldn't it extend to the spirits of deceased sea creatures? Plus he talked to Topo, an ancient kraken looking thing.

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@papamidnite: Aquaman also controlled the Giant Born in that prison dimension Hercules was in because it "looked aquatic." His TP doesn't extend only to normal fish even now. And it even worked on a desert lizard and swamp alligators.

Right now we still have no reason why he even has TP. It might be "Just cuz he's half human." But why the hell is he so much stronger and after than anyone sans Atlan? Why the TP? Personally I'd like it to mean its an unheard of sign that he's the true king of the seas despite what law and bloodline say.

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@blackwind: Yeah I think I remember reading somewhere that he reaches deep into the part of the brain that is a leftover remnant from when life used to be connected to the sea in some way, the basest part of the brain. Which would explain why he's able to affect life outside of the ocean. As for why he has TP, there's something else I read where Atlantis was the original source of all Homo Magi, so the original line of all the magic users in DC. I'd agree that it would be neat if it was something else other than just being half human since that's kind of a weak argument to be had for why he's able to do what he can. It's not like Blade, all the powers none of the weaknesses. He's even more special, since he can command aquatic life, something that no other Atlantean can do. Could be 'Mother Ocean' choosing him as her one true avatar, in conjunction with him being the king?

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I'd personally like the idea of Aquaman acting as the sea god or "The Avatar of the Blue" and operate on that side of the DCU with everyone whose connected to The Clear maybe even open that up as a title and take him off the JL for awhile. All this would have to happen later though maybe when someone could take the spot for him as king of Atlantis. Him still having adventures in his own title ofcourse and maybe guest appearing in others.

I think it's likely for Earth 2 Mera to get the role though.

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I want Aquaman's ability to access the Clear to return. I'm fine with the idea of it being connected to the Red, but if writers want to make it its own thing then I'm okay with that too. I like the idea of him being connected to all ocean life, so that should include all animals, but also plants and even other Aquatic races. This would give him control over the animals while only giving him the power of empathic sensory with the more advanced aquatic races. He wouldn't be able to actually control them, but he can sense their emotional state. I think Aquaman should have an empathic/biogenic connection to ocean plants. He should be able to sense how "healthy" a patch of seaweed or kelp is simply by swimming thru it or touching it. He should have some minor non-offensive abilities as well like magic sensory. I don't want him casting spells but he should be able to sense various forms of magic (light, dark, even chaotic). This would allow him to sense the opening into the Xebel dimension just by being near it. He may not always "see" it with his eyes, but he would be able to sense it.

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I'd like it if the Clear is what gives Mera her hydrokinesis

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