Rebirth Aquaman Design

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#51 Posted by vinomonster (5566 posts) - - Show Bio

@ecstaticgrace: Aug 27th guess who is it? haha

OT: I never thought that the animated design is that good.. By that looks, I pretty much prefer it over the current design.. and Arthur looks like blonde Tom Cruise in that.

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#52 Edited by EcstaticGrace (7141 posts) - - Show Bio

@vinomonster: The Box art costume design looks better then in the movie probably the flashy scales.

I could see the resemblance to Cruise.

@farkam: Vino and you are obviously the bridge between two seasons protecting one from the other.

Yeah the animated movie was horrible, the trident in the movie was pretty cool though and yeah the box art was great.

@mattydavehalpeo: Same the chest opening isn't bad I just don't like it at all that much with the Rebirth design. The New52 design is great but the bottoms I've been complaining about for so long it's just real plain in my opinion, so the animated movie design is a perfect fit.

You don't like the DCEU Wonder Woman design? Is it the tone and coloring of Liam's WW or the design itself? What do you think of Fabok's WW design?

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#53 Posted by MattyDaveHalPeo (665 posts) - - Show Bio

@ecstaticgrace: I'm a fan of popping colours, which neither the DCEU or Rebirth WW costumes seem to have. The DCEU skirt is weird because each panel of leather is a different length to the last as to show as much leg as possible. Either WW should have a skirt, or not, I don't like the half measure.

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#54 Posted by EcstaticGrace (7141 posts) - - Show Bio

Tony S. Daniel draws the suit well.

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#55 Posted by Raw_Material (3553 posts) - - Show Bio

New 52 Aquaman design is definitely my favorite for sure.

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