Pre-Flashpoint Elements That Have Been Incorporated into New Continuity.

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I thought it would be a cool post to show some of the things that were shown Pre-Flashpoint that have been incorporated in the Post-Flashpoint world whether it being big or small. Reason being alot of people don't think there's alot to pull from which apparently has been proven wrong by writers. If you have any feel free to share, I'll post stuff as I find them.

Dr. Shinobi to Dr. Shin

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Pre-Flashpoint we had a Doctor named Dr. Shinobi who seemed to have a obsession with Dolphins. In this new continuity Dr. Shin that appeared in one issue has been expanded upon and put into Aquaman's origin to where he had an obsession with Arthur and finding Atlantis.

The Others

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Pre-Flashpoint we had a group of powerful Dimension traveling Demons who were called The Others and seemed like more antagonist then protagonist, as of Post we have a group who traveled the world with Aquaman and deal heavily with his origin are they as powerful time will tell possibly but they weilding powerful Artifacts that were crafted by the next change on the list.

Atlan The Wizard to Atlan The Dead King. (Almost put Dad King :P)

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Pre-Flashpoint for a while Atlan was said to be the father of Aquaman and Ocean Master which seemed to be later retconned in the Blackest Night/Brightest Day storyline. Pre-Flashpoint Atlan was a powerful mage who was suggested to be almost on par with Arion which says something. Atlan made enemies of The Otherworldly Demons known as The Others when he opened there portal and helped his family and Dolphin escape. As of the New Continuity Atlan seems to have gotten really pale and went from Mage to Warrior class. Atlan is responsible for the destruction of the continent of Atlantis and creator of The Artifacts the group know as "The Others" use.

Hy-Brasil and The Trench

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The similarities between the two groups make it almost hard to distinguish though the Hy-Brasil seem to have more intelligence and are the weaponry of Ancient Atlantis their traditions make then highly similar to the trench as well as their habitat. The leader of the Hy-Brasil had a symbolic knife to show their kingship, The king of the Trench would use a scepter to control them. The Queen in both cases seem to be the head figure for both races and they live in the shallow part of the ocean in a somewhat trench. The Trench played a big role as the first antagonist Arthur and Mera faced in the Post-Flashpoint issues.

Other characters that appear in both continuities. Arthur, Mera, Orm, Vulko, Tula, Garth, Fire Trolls, Creature King, Tom Curry, Atlanna, Scylla, Charybdis, King Shark.

The thing that has me excited is there is still so much elements, characters, stories that could be incorporated into the Post-Flashpoint Universe.

I'll add to this as it goes on.

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While the names stayed the same, the re-invention is huge. Good or bad, its up to interpretation.

I believe The Others actually became a good world-building group to expand the franchise and add a new supporting cast to the stale world of Aquaman (compared to Batman, Flash etc.).

The Dead King, is one I think doesn't really matter. In Pre-52 he is a legendary figure who works as an ancient hero, good, in new 52 he is a very personal villain also good. I have to say, I may give a slight edge to the New 52 one because Aquaman needed the villains. I think villains and cast should feel like characters that could only be in said protagonist's story. Otherwordly hellish beings can be anyones villains, but an old atlantis king can be only a GOOD Aquaman villain to have meaning.

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@squalleon: I agree for the most part and personally feel like a lot of this stuff that was changed did a favor to Aquaman.

The part I disagree with is Aquaman needing the villains though I feel like a lot of the stuff that was done in the Post-Flashpoint continuity could of been handled differently if we're suggesting expanding his world

Instead of "The Others" we could of got "The Aura" (Deep Blue, Neptune Perkins, Atlan, Nuadu, Tsunami, and Arion) who alot of them I'd like to see again especially Arion. As far as teams go there is also The Sea-Devils.

The Others are great though because they give Aquaman more of a connection to the surface but I feel like their still so underdeveloped whereas these Pre-Flashpoint teams have history.

As far as Atlan The Dead King goes instead of making Atlan a villain that could of simply been used as a reintroduction to Kordax who based on Pre-Flashpoint would of made a really good choice for Dead King. I'm not against Atlan being turned to a villain though but would like to see a version of the character that is more mage like maybe a split from what we see in the Flashbacks to his current dead self.

I was thinking of making a thread to list all the villains that Aquaman has, but among some of the villains or characters I'd like to see make a New52/Post-Flashpoint/Earth-0 return would include:

Admiral Strom


The Deep Six (Darkseid connection)

Thanatos (Alt. Dimension connection)

The Thirst (Might be tricky and have to be depowered) (Magic Connection)

The Eel

Tiamat (Off world/Alien connection)

The Gatherers (Alien Connection)

The DemonGate (Surface connection)

Kosnor (Alien Connection)

Triton (Mythical connection)

I'd like to see Korako and Koryak make a return as villains as well.

Given all that though that's multiple arcs that could be made with Pre-Flashpoint characters and I'm missing alot of characters.

I feel like a bunch of other characters have stories credited on Aquaman stories or stories that have been made similar to the Aquaman mythos.

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@justthatkid: The problem is the history of Pre-flashpoint Aquaman is virtually unknown. Even David's run, the most celebrated before Johns wasn't even collected and still isn't. And the Others are a very simple group to follow through since you know what brought them together (artifacts) and what kept them.

Again, I said the Atlan decision is up to interpretation. But it really fits the character since he is a character deeply involved with Nurture vs Nature, so being a decentdant of a villain gives him another element to follow through that concept. It can help character evolution in a new way because Aquaman's stories get really repetitive even in the New 52, with repeated concepts like exile from Atlantis, win back the Atlantis people etc.

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@squalleon: The thing is though the same elements you mentioned with Atlan work I'd say even better if Kordax was used.

Aquaman is a descendant to Kordax all the same, Kordax was actually a warrior whereas Atlan a mage, The same Nurture vs Nature could apply with Kordax. Kordax plays a big role in the Atlantis history and this could of been an interesting way to change his hatred for the nation.

Regardless the new interpretations is what makes me excited to see alot of the characters that make a return I understand it's a new universe so im open to some change as long as it's not to drastic and to what character.

I'd like to see a more mystical interpretation of Atlan like a sorcerer take but The Dead King is a great story as it is.

If Kordax is introduced I'd like to see it result into a telepathic battle like it was.

It's a matter of time before the entire set of Vol5 is released and we're getting issues of Vol6 as well. two runs that are still at a higher issue count then the current one.

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@justthatkid: I actually would like to see Kordax again. Though since there seems to be no Atlantis stigma towards people with blond hair, it could easily be said that Kordax passed his ability to control sea life down to Arthur. Though the interpretation of as to why he is an evil mutant is up for change.

Also did anyone notice Dr Shin seems to have a wicked nasty rash on his nck?

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@blackwind: I don't think there is a stigma to controlling sea life either based on a statement Arthur made to his mom about Atlantean rulers. Lol what if Kordax was a hybrid like half Alien or something? Though I still think he could of made a great Dead King, Or the curse was his telepathy was expanding like Pre-Flashpoint and hopefully Arthur has the curse again so he becomes a full on telepath.. :)

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And Yeah I noticed the rash on Dr. Shin's neck to its weird of it hasn't been explained already and I glossed over or it could have been a future plot point Johns wanted to show tends to be sneaky about stuff.

Also what about the Flashback with King Orin is that suppose to be Dolphin by his side or a homage of her?

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