Looking closely at the Dead King scepter feat...

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I made this because I've seen alot of people try to discredit it and state it's something that has to make contact with the ground or something?

First I don't see that as reasonable given why would it have to make contact with the ground, when Black Manta was using it he hit Vostok with who died because of the impact.

Is it because it wasn't halted? When it made impact cause that logic wouldn't work either given its usage being shown

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Then I'm betting here the argument would be but wait that wasn't the upside of the scepter that's the part that causes the destruction. I could see that as an easy turn around but it would also be false.. given

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So really what would be the argument now? These are two instances where the scepter made contact in a non halted form..

What has been shown however is that the scepter gives off some form of energy it's shown when the intention is to destroy or harm that the sceptor starts glowing like it once did when Atlan sank (The Continent) Atlantis.

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Where does that energy come from? The scepter was shown and stated to be connected to Atlan. It literally was what was keeping him alive for all those centuries.

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The energy can't really be connected directly to Atlan. If that were the case, Manta should not have been able to use it. I would find it more likely that the more powerful the wielder, the more effective the attack. Atlantean tridents, spears, and scepters seem to be commonly used to channel magical energy. That seems to be the case since Atlan crafted it from alchemical sand.

The need to touch the ground is just grasping at straws by naysayers. It's a presumptive requirement created to dispute the feat with no basis in fact. Just the attack Manta used to kill Vostok with charged energy should have been enough to debunk the "needs to touch the ground" myth, but we can also clearly see some of the energy still being dispersed in Atlantis when Aquaman caught the attack to demonstrate the energy was discharged and had to go somewhere. This is the image where magical energy from having caught the attack wasn't completely absorbed:

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@ashrym: The sceptor in some form had Atlan's power in it. It doesn't disclose the idea that it depends on the power of the weilder though. Manta was able to destroy a temple at most when he used it and kill Vostok who had some sort of durability. Atlan sank Atlantis without breaking a sweat and in Future Ends stated he's capable of doing that to the rest of the surface. Mera even seemed surprise at the amount of Strength Atlan had like she hasn't seen it before, keep in mind this is after TOA as well, and Mera couldn't combat Atlan in elemental control.

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Atlan also caused lava to appear from who knows how many miles beneath the oceans surface.

The reason Atlan died was because the sceptor was burned it's brought up in the Aquaman Future End issues. He burned just like his sceptor. Think of it as a totem of sort keeping him alive that's the reason Legend wanted the Gold of Legacy to live forever.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

We've seen Atlan take more damage then one weapon be stabbed through him and he seems concerned about his sceptor in the last image.

In FE Aquaman is like "I saw you die" and Atlan was like "Yes along with my sceptor"

Completely agree with that Aquaman not tanking the attack is a bunch of bull to discredit the feat. It's an example of "damage soak" where the writer doesn't want something destroyed but they show what the item is capable of and use the audience around to display how incredible a showing is. We see this with Murk saying "Impossible how did he catch the scepter" and the fact that the very issue beforehand was where Atlan sank Atlantis which before and after was stated as a continent.

I think Atlan had some form of energy in the sceptor though which isn't backed up by anything other then his life being connected to it.

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it was the same damn weapon in the same damn place with the same damn person using it in the same damn way its a legit feat if Arthur can fight on par with superman [who's holding back] on land [where Arthur is at a disadvantage] then it isn't hard 2 believe he has continent level durability/strength

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