Is Aqua Man a Namor rip off

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Posted by deactivated-57e73afcc9b00 (130 posts) 3 years, 4 months ago

Poll: Is Aqua Man a Namor rip off (36 votes)

Yes 36%
No 64%
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#1 Posted by EcstaticGrace (7134 posts) - - Show Bio

This threads already been made, but I'll answer it. Id say no he isnt being both sea characters doesn't make them copies that would be like saying characters who can fly are ripoffs of the original flying superhero.

Aquaman to my understanding is based of Tarzan whereas Tarzan is King of The Jungle, Aquaman is King of The Sea. Tarzan's connection to apes similar to Aquaman's sealife connection made less so over the years though.

Aquaman came out not that long after Namor as well so there's that it was like a two year difference so the plan could of been there.

Alot of stuff have been presented in Aquaman before Namor like a fundamental element is their heritage I believe Atlantis was mentioned first in Aquaman who was also presented as being Atlantean first while in Namor it was addressed as Sub-Mariners.

If I had to compare Aquaman to a Marvel character it would be Black Bolt for various reasons more so then Namor.

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#2 Posted by deactivated-57e73a0365070 (347 posts) - - Show Bio

I know very little about Namor but I don't think Aquaman is a rip off of him.

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#3 Posted by vinomonster (5566 posts) - - Show Bio

Who cares? Arthur is a better character.

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#4 Posted by BlackWind (9790 posts) - - Show Bio

Who cares? Arthur is a better character.

I was about to say this. Even if Arthur was a rip off, he's always doing better than the so called original.

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#5 Posted by ArranVid (1832 posts) - - Show Bio

YES Aquaman is a Namor ripoff. Namor might be based on Poseidon or something but he doesn't ripoff Poseidon! Aquaman rips off Namor straight! Shame on the Aquaman creators. Aquaman SUCKS and Aquaman is a ripoff.

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#6 Posted by ArranVid (1832 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh and the reason I say Namor isn't a ripoff of Poseidon is cos Namor can fly! with wings on his ankles! something that Poseidon never did. Also Namor has SO many differences to Poseidon. But check out Aquaman! He's such a ripoff off Namor. You could say that Poseidon inspired Namor but Namor didn't rip off Poseidon! Aquaman seems to be a huge ripoff of Namor.

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