Geoff Johns or Jeff Parker

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I'm sure this has been passed around this board like crazy ( a few months ago at least) but i just took the past couple days to read the new 52 Aquamans that my friend lent me. I Loved It! although the Throne of Atlantis Arc was still good my friend had forgotten to give me the Justice League Comics that tie in so i missed some things. Besides that the series was amazing....right up until i got to #26 now this is just my personal opinion but i did not like Jeff Parkers writing style AT ALL it was really hard to get through the last 4 issues. Not that the story was bad far from it it was actually pretty interesting but i felt his writing style just kinda made Aquaman seem like a joke again it seems too cheesy, or something i cant put my finger on it...what does anyone else think? Do you like his style of writing? Do you with Johns came back? What do you think Jeff Parker does well compared to Geoff Johns. Give me your opinions im open to hear them.

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I like Johns run so far but I'm warming up a bit to Parker.....

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why? just curious about your opinion?

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Well, for the reasons you specified about how Johns had Aquaman feeling like a complete beast but Parker seems to be letting off the gas a little. I feel that Aquamans image is already been hindered, they need to stamp the issue of how beast he is. I would like for them to increase his TP and show us what the Trident is all about.

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@myerlanski: I felt like Johns left Aquaman feeling more vulnerable which i thought was a good idea. Aquaman seems like such an insecure character throughout Johns run and then Parker kinda flipped the script on that. I guess I'm just not used to it yet. Aquaman felt more human with him battling his demons in the subtext on almost every Johns issue. It seems like its disappeard with Parker. I just felt Johns gave Aquaman a depth that you could see that gave a story more than one dimension that I don't see anymore with Parker. I like the stuff he did with Hercules though hopefully he can turn that into something to show off the Trident maybe like a Land God vs Sea God kinda thing.

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@techxrenagadex: Excellent points and an extremely well critique of the versatility of the characters dynamic and depth. I totally agree. I guess my want to see Aquaman finally get the respect he deserves, I have kind of overlooked what makes a character truly engaging and how the writer brings you closer to that.

Its comicvine man those battle threads can get the best of anyone lol....I still want better feats though...

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Its too early to compare them, Johns wrote for over 2 years in the New 52 (more if you want to include him writing him all the way back in Blackest Night and Brightest Day)

Parker by comparison only has 5 issues.

Do I think its as good so far? Not really. Johns did a wonderful job reinventing Aquaman - specifically by world building. Much like he did with GL (to a less extent) the mythos and world he set up is really awesome. And I'm pretty excited for Rise of the Seven Seas whenever that comes.

Parker by contrast hasn't done much, but as said...its only 5 issues. Its different sure, definitely more light heated and less serious, the whole overall story is not yet in place though. But he did have that excellent character development issue with Arthur going to high school. And I'm pretty pumped for the Arthur/Diana team up annual.

Only complaint is Pelletier splitting duties so much lol.

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I would like Jim Lee to get some runs on the artwork....I love his work.

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....I still want better feats though...

dont we all my friend :)

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@fallschirmjager: thats true...but i feel like Parker didn't really build on what Johns left. I feel like when another writer comes into the fold he should build on top of what is already been written and go deeper and give it their own personal flair just my opinion however. The high school thing was...interesting...but i dont know something felt off maybe it was forced i dont know it just wasn't exciting for me excellent idea but the execution felt lackluster. Johns definetly made me a fan of aquaman and dont get wrong im rooting for Parker to do well just something felt off the momment i started reading 26 and i didnt like it

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I think the Geoff Johns run is the best thing that has ever happend to Aquaman alongside the Peter David run.

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Johns by far. He had me hooked by the end of his first Aquaman issue.

I've really tried to like Parker's run, but it hasn't appealed to me at all. Dropping after this month, sadly.

Hopefully Rise of the Seven Seas will come soon and satisfy my Aquaman fix.

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Man, comic fans drop things quick if they don't appeal after a certain amount of time. I'm sticking with Aquaman as long as he keeps rolling.

Parker is limited to what he can do because of the Rise of the Seven Seas event. So it isn't really his fault he can't do anything huge right now.

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I still love the Aquaman title that reunion issue was hilarious !

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I love Parker's run so far! Big fan of how much Aquaman is actually underwater.

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Parker's run has really hit his stride lately. I don't know if its better or worse, but its damn good.

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I love both to be honest, but I think that Geoff John's run was a little more consistent than Jeff Parker's but either way, it's great the fans of Aquaman that even with GJ gone, the book is still quality.

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Geoff Johns all day

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Honestly Jeff parker had my favorite run on aquaman in the new52 even now in rebirth i still prefer it over dan abnett's run (even tho i like abnett)

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