Five Awesome Aquaman Stories You Need to Read

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#51 Posted by Claymore1998 (16541 posts) - - Show Bio

This article is just awesome.

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#52 Posted by Claymore1998 (16541 posts) - - Show Bio

It's a shame I have only read one story arc here =(

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#53 Posted by Fallschirmjager (23432 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally I think Death of a King is the best arc of the New 52. Issue 24 in particular basically landed the entire ground work for the Atlantean Mythos in the New 52. Everything Parker has done (which he's done well) is based off that arc and that issue.

Its really really really how to state how good teh New 52 has been to the character though. They have done such a fantastic job with him and he's been writing so well.

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#54 Posted by PeterDavid (3 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally, there is too much current stuff on this list.

One of my personal favorite Aquaman stories / arcs? The two limited series that used the camo-blue aqua suit. A completely different type of Aquaman story that sorta expanded out the mythology.

If you haven't read these two limited series, you need to search em out.

That suit never made sense to me. "I wear this blue suit for camouflage." Except once you get several hundred feet down, the sun's rays don't penetrate and it effectively becomes black. With no light source, you can't see squat. So if you want camouflage, just wear black.


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#55 Posted by DrF8 (3309 posts) - - Show Bio

Sooo, there's almost nothing worth reading before New52?

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#57 Posted by cosmicallyaware1 (7308 posts) - - Show Bio

Time & Tide is my personal favorite from when I was younger. classic. And that blue suit? loved it, don't care what anyone says.....

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#59 Posted by senglord (2773 posts) - - Show Bio

As someone who heard a lot of great things from the Peter David run on Aquaman I was not surprised it was featured.

I am surprised that John's debunking of the camp Aquaman was mentioned as remotely legitimate. He was a Badass in the silver age pre Crisis. He became more so after the crisis.

If any top tier Batman writer felt the need to address on panel the conflation of the comic Batman with the Adam West camp, they would not be published. Let the art and story do the job of changing minds.

Rant over.

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#60 Posted by Lvenger (36338 posts) - - Show Bio

@peterdavid: Apologies for DC's yet again poor communication with its writing talent Mr David, I wish I were surprised at this news but sadly The New 52 has shown how true your testimony is in that regard.

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#65 Posted by jonny1995 (356 posts) - - Show Bio

It's nice to see Peter David's run on this list.

I'm reading his run right now and it's really good. It would be nice if DC reprinted them into an omnibus or trade paperback.

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#66 Posted by kilowog52 (858 posts) - - Show Bio

People always talk about how Hawkman's history is so confusing what with the Khufu version, the pre-Crisis Katar Hol, and the post-Crisis Katar Hol. (Not to mention that now we've got New 52 Katar Hol.) But honestly I really think Aquaman is just as confusing. Was he not originally an actual fish that evolved or something? That's what they said in one episode of Super Friends. Then I feel like he went through a couple more origins before in maybe the nineties when, as I understand it he was the son of the ancient god Atlan and some Atlantean princess or something. His Atlantean name was Orin, but because he had blond hair he was thrown out of Atlantis as an infant and left for dead, then rescued and raised by dolphins for a couple months, before they brought him ashore and he was raised as Arthur Curry Jr. by Arthur Curry Sr. until he discovered he could breathe underwater and he somehow found out who he really was. Atlantis still wouldn't let him in because of the Kordax blond hair thing but they eventually did, then they didn't again, then they did, and so on and so forth. After Obsidian Age he was banished from the seas and worked with the Lady of the Lake against the Thirst. Then he died and Arthur Joseph Curry inherited his title which added the subtitle Sword of Atlantis to the title. He was thought to have reappeared in Final Crisis but that was later reported to be false but was then resurrected alongside eleven other characters at the end of Blackest Night and featured heavily in the Brightest Day series. Then Flashpoint happened and he is suddenly the son of the queen of Atlantis and human Tom Curry. And now he and Orm share a mother, whereas previously they had shared a father and Orm's mother was some random Inuit or something. How is that not confusing? However, I really haven't read any Aquaman prior to the New 52. I would if I could, but I don' see how that could change any time soon.

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#75 Posted by Endanger (218 posts) - - Show Bio

@drfate said:

Sooo, there's almost nothing worth reading before New52?

Did you not read the list?

The first thing on the list was Peter David's run (1993-1997)

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#76 Posted by DrF8 (3309 posts) - - Show Bio
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#77 Posted by jonny1995 (356 posts) - - Show Bio

I know that I've already commented on this article but is the 2003 series good aside from having the "American Tidal" story arc?

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#78 Posted by comicfan11 (1419 posts) - - Show Bio

@jonny1995: It's an OK series in general, but it fizzles out a little when John Arcudi becomes the writer. Not bad, but not great either.

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#79 Posted by jonny1995 (356 posts) - - Show Bio

@comicfan11: Oh, okay. I get it.

I've been wondering if it was a good series because I want to read more of the Pre-New 52 Aquaman comics aside from reading Peter David's run on Aquaman.

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