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Honestly wanted to talk about any ideas for the Earth 3 counterpart to Aquaman that appeared in Forever Evil and Justice League Dark.

I honestly think Sea King was a wasted opportunity, for one we never really had a Earth 3 counter part to Aquaman that was prominently focused, and then in this one panel we get a bad-ass 90's looking Aquaman that would of worked wonders.

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That one panel giving me hope for a really awesome depiction for a Earth 3 Aquaman and all things that could have come after it. But then....

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"We have survived" Nice way to exclude Sea King... Ultra Douche..

But then I thought it was really cool when I saw Sea King on the cover of JL Dark 26.

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"Back from the dead to rule them all" My reaction "Yes!!!" But it was pretty misleading which I should of knew considering comic covers like to do things as such.. I would of hoped we could have gotten a back story atleast like some of the other Syndicate members, but to be fair their was some really awesome Trident displays shown by Sea King and a introduction to a sea empire that could be explored in Aquaman at later event maybe with a JLD team up?

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My idea though was why not combine 2 evil Aquaman's to return a almost old school character that 90's Aquaman faced?

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Why not use Thanatos the "Undead" the incarnation of Chaos and Destruction as spirit possessing the vessel of Sea King, Involve the dimension Thanatos is from even connect it with the sea empire, Sea King referred to even. Killing 2 birds with one stone.

If the writer wants have Aquaman or someone in his mythos dispatch of him not someone else. Would love to see Aquaman and Orm have to form a alliance to take down Thanatos/Sea King.

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@Blackwind @Comicfan11 @Fallschirmjager @Metaljimmor @Myerlanski

Any thoughts?

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Dude...that could totally work...

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I'd definitely read it. I agree that Sea King was a wasted opportunity, and I'd like to see him have some sort of larger role in an Aquaman story. Bringing in Thanatos would just be icing on the evil Aquaman cake!

And it'd make enough sense to not feel awkward. Thanatos taking over the body of a dead man makes sense and fits snugly into his powerset and character themes.

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Pretty much a mirror of Aquaman's powers. Though I think it'd be pretty neat if instead of commanding sea creatures he commanded undead sea creatures like Black Lantern Aquaman. Sea King is dead and is being possessed by Thanatos, an evil entity that commands the dead. It makes perfect sense, and would result in an awesome shark vs zombie shark fight scene.

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@justthatkid: I usually agree with you on stuff concerning AQ but this is one of the rare times I kinda disagree.

In case my avatar or profile page didn't give it away I love Sea King. Hands down one of my favorite single panels in the New 52 was his reveal and JLD 26-27 (where he appears and kicks @ss) are two of my favorite issues in the New 52. He is one of my favorite Aquaman villains and he hasn't even fought Aquaman yet (if that even makes sense).

1) Sea King's appearance is perfect. We agree there. It's a perfect "evil" version of Aquaman's armor and pays tribute to all the eras of Aquaman's history, but mainly the 90s. This redesign is 10/10 for me.

2) Sea King has an AWESOME variation of Aquaman's powers (I was about to make a Sea King respect thread, but then they started taking them down). He is a powerhouse and took on the JLDark on his own and although maybe not as physically focused as Aquaman, his water control and energy blasts compensate for that and make him different that Aquaman. Exactly what an evil counterpart must do, 10/10 on the powers for me (he even has the super leaping on land thing going).

3) I love Thanatos. I edited his wiki to make it more comprehensive and I really enjoy his mean streak and anger problems. They work well with his origin and he is both a physical and intellectual threat.

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT (here's where we disagree)

1) Sea King is a different character with different powers than Thanatos and different history (unexplored and with much potential). He NEEDS to be his own character (dead, alive, zombie, spirit it doesn't matter). By tying him up to another character BEFORE exploring his origin, you strip him away from focus, and instead he becomes a "meat suit" or "ally" for Thanatos, who takes part of the spotlight from the real Earth 3 Sea King.

Bring Sea King back in a single issue, explore his story and THEN you can get creative with the storytelling. But first a villain must be established before being "bastardized" with stuff like possession, mind control, etc.

They should both be brought back and they would make fun allies, BUT I'm 100% against Thanatos possessing Sea King (or any other established villain). They should both be their separate, distinct characters, until we atleast get a story focused on Sea King first.

PS. Thanatos and Sea King might even make it confusing for casual fans.

Sea King is from Earth 3. Different universe, same Earth. Simple enough,

Thanatos is from Earth 1 (normal DC universe with JL, Batman, Superman, etc) BUT from a pocket dimension. Same Universe, same Earth, different... pocket dimension.

For casual fans that might be problematic and confusing in addition with the whole possession thing already in place.

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Yeah, Johns really fcked Orin (and fans) over by killing him off instantly. That was lame sauce and I've yet to forgive him for it.

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@arturocalakayvee: I thought like that , but it's really not a big deal.

1) He can come back almost effortlessly (magic, science, Lazarus Pits, New Gods, etc).

2) we saw him in action MORE than any other Crime Syndicate member (although not full in control of his body). If you think about it he had more pagetime than the other villains.

He fought the JLD, Blight and the forces of Nanda Parbat (in Phantom Stranger) and kicked major, major @ss.

I just hope someone brings him back at some time and shows his backstory (like Emperor Aquaman in Flashpoint, but one issue).

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@comicfan11: Free to have your own thoughts and I see where you are coming from.

How would you personally like to see Sea King brought back?

Now that I think of it a Sea King/Thanatos vs Arthur/Orm would be cool.

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@comicfan11: I'm a lot more willing to have evil Aquaman running around the DCU than I am any other DC counterpart. I'd love to see him return.

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@justthatkid: I would have him brought back via magic. Either by people tied to Atlantis, Owlman or some other third party. If it's the latter one, you can have him waking up and destroying everything when he finds out what happened.

After he wakes up he returns to the sea to gather his mind and thoughts and hatches a plan to kill Aquaman and take Atlantis.

Thanatos feels a disturbance across dimensions and travels to kill Aquaman, but finds Sea King instead.

They join forces, plan and finally start implementing their plan. For an army give them the Nan Madol dead or the Trench, BUT a better idea would be this.

Thanatos and Sea King discover and conquer on of the Seven Atlantean kingdoms, and now thy have their own Atlantean army.

An exiled Orm discovers them and tries to warn Aquaman.

Then they fight and awesomness happens. Baddies take round 1 and maybe 2, and good guys take round 3 (or smthing, point is every character gets to kick @ss and no one looks like a weakling - CAN YOU HEAR ME JL THRONE ON ATLANTIS ANIMATED MOVIE??????????????????)

Show how their powers differ. Thanatos should be the strongest, Aquaman the fastest and most skilled warrior, Orm the ranged type powerhouse with super human attributes and Sea King a mix between Orm and Arthur with a boost of magic (necromancy, storm control, etc).

That would be my basic idea (for details you can make it very Game Of Thrones like with backstabbing and twists, bring on the Sea Devils, introduce another player in a small part - maybe Fisherman from issue 24 -,etc) Big, Epic and totally bad@ss.

PS. Here's another small detail. Sea King looks at Mera and thinks she is Earth 3 Mera. Even more reason for him to hate Earth 1 Atlantis. And you make it ambiguous. Does he love or hate Earth 3 Mera? Remeber Earth 3 Ultraman's parents HATED each other.

So much potential....

@arturocalakayvee totally agree. Unlike most counterparts he looks significantly more different (but he clearly is still Aquaman) and his powers are quite different (unlike Ultraman, Owl Man, Power Ring, etc)

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@comicfan11: Cool thoughts. I honestly dont see Sea King and Arthur that different it wasn't really showcased but I'm assuming Sea King is practically in power 90's Aquaman who've we've seen do the same stuff as Sea King trident wise. Sea King maybe in a greater scale weather wise. Im thinking Aquaman will eventually be able to do the same with his trident though I haven't minded the trident being a powerful weapon without the range capabilities.

Aquaman/Sea King difference seems to be Sea King suffers the water deprivation weakness.

So intune Id say hes quite similar to Aquaman like Ultraman is to Superman. Ultraman being even more different with his whole sun hurts need kryptonite to stay strong.

Power Ring unlike his Pre52 Counterpart seems to be Hal but the ring operates differently actually working off fear rather then will and the ring controlling the user more then visa-versa.

Owlman really isn't that different pretty much a logo change and ideology difference comes with being another person rather then a Earth 3 Bruce Wayne.

Johnny Quick isnt really different power wise as well just is a different person maybe related to Jesse of E3. Id also say stronger then New52 Flash.

Superwoman is suppose to be a Wonder Woman counterpart Im pretty sure she's never been Diana. Crisis movie she was Mary Marvel, New52 she's more from Superman's mythos then Wonder Woman. Powers dont seem different. Seems to be deceitful.

Deathstorm is just an evil Firestorm doesn't share the matrix apparently and shows a greater knowledge of the Matrix.

Mazhas is the character that differentiate's the most another Earth 3 character that comes from Superman's mythos and unlike his counterpart he doesn't get his powers from deities he takes them from Metas.

Id say Ultraman, Power Ring, and Mazahs differentiate the most. Sea King differentiates from Current Aquaman but is practically a Aquaman we've seen before.

Alot of these characters feel wasted..

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@justthatkid: Thx

But I mean Sea King is the more different visually (him and Deathstorm) to his regular counterparts.

When you put them next to the Earth 1 counterparts, Ultraman, Power Ring, Johny Quick and to a certain degree Owlman have the same designs and colors.

Sea King has different colors, hair, and the harpoon (If you put him next to current Aquaman they look far more different than if you put Superman next to Ultraman)

As for his powers we have never seen Aquaman use water control except for the waterhand. The Trident pre 52 had many abilities including water control and weather control, BUT Aquaman only used it for energy strikes on some rare occasions like Our Worlds at War.

Sea King already used it for blasting and water control and also to create a storm out of clear weather.

And Sea King didn't show any weakness to water deprivation, I don't know where you got that from. But in one of the Forever Evil tie ins he did get rejuvenated after jumping into the ocean. But he wasn't dehydrated at that point.

And maybe after Maelstrom Aquaman's Trident will get a power up. Atlanna's spear has blasting abilities and is Atlantean.

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@comicfan11: The water deprivarion weakness was assumed by his death. Was that ever explained?

Didn't know you meant in visual appearance, still has the scales :P

Looking back at Earth 3, Barracuda would make a awesome counterpart for Orm.

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@justthatkid: Haha cmon dude purple scales not orange :). Different sides of the spectrum and all

As for his "death" it was never explained. The closest we got I think was smthing like the "force that killed the other universe" or whatever, not water deprivation.

And agreed Barracuda would make an awesome Orm alt, but he needs a signature weapon for contrast against Orm's.

PS actually now that I thin of it maybe he would make a better Black Manta? Since they both wear strange huge helmets AND are named after a sea creature.

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to be fair, the Syndicate is traditionally without counterparts of Aquaman or Martian Manhunter (though usually J'onn's counterpart is already dead and Arthur's is just never mentioned. the New 52 version seems to be the opposite)

also, i love how evil!Aquaman had facial hair. anyone else think that was an intentional "Star Trek" reference?

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