Early DC Preview: Extra-Sized Aquaman #25

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If Sejic stays long enough he can become one of the greatest artists for the character ever.

Best artist Aquaman had since Ivan Reis and Paul Pelletier.

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I don't usually get excited for Aquaman comics, but I am now.

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Stjepan Sejic is incredible. What he does is gorgeous. I am picking this up, just for him.

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#5 Posted by deactivated-5caa8c47e8598 (1686 posts) - - Show Bio

The art is great, but I really hope they don't try to make Aquaman like his movie version. I've always liked Arthur as a serious and calm king, not a Peter David-esque swashbuckler.

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The style of the artwork is of course very good, but it's too close to 90s Aquaman of cliche gimmicks with his appearance and lets hope that's as close to the film version as it gets... but Dolphin??? Oh god... not her... I hope she's not here just to be a damn love triangle between Aquaman and Mera since he proposed to her.

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#7 Posted by Yassassin (7688 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't wait.

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