Does Aquaman need a sidekick?

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Combat Map: Water Park Diagnostics

Aquaman feels robust developing simply a relationship with Mera.

However, the introduction of Aqualad and Aquagirl makes for interesting storytelling --- perhaps at least for adventures involving these two young sidekick-oriented heroes going on special missions.

Batman (DC Comics) obviously benefits from his sidekick Robin, and Green Hornet (DC Comics) benefits from his sidekick Kato, but the sea is so vast and mysterious that we can imagine a titular superhero like Aquaman carrying his weight just with a life-partner like Mera.

I think when you consider Aquaman tackling the invasive Black Manta, perhaps his most unusual nemesis, you have to consider how the arena/environment of the water makes for pensive combat, and it can be argued that a sidekick could face real danger.

Black Manta

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IMO Garth should not be his sidekick, he should be the regent of Atlantis and should be known as Tempest and be more of a "Nightwing" type partner to Aquman, Jackson should be the sidekick Aqua Lad

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I think Aqualad isnt a step that shouldn't be skipped by Garth its important for his character growth him being a shy timid child to becoming a more confident adult.

Him never being Aqualad to me is like Wally never being Kid Flash or even Grayson never being Robin. Whether he be classified a sidekick or not he should go through that identity change

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Need? No.

But Arthur functions well wirh or withiut a partner.

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