Does anyone know what issue?

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While reading Aquaman's super powers section on his page here, I came across these two lines: His stamina is also far beyond anything human as well as the vast majority of most metahumans. In a Nightwing issue Aquaman's stamina was used as the ideal benchmark for powerful metahumans, which the League of Shadows tried to replicate (and failed). I would really like to read this issue, or issues as it may be so I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction. Thank you.

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@Fallschirmjager @Comicfan11

they might know.

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It's in one of the issues of this storyline, Freefall

I think in one of the later issues (part 3 or later)

It's just a single panel of dialogue

Aquaman does not appear in the story, but the scientist hired by Talhia al Ghul explains to her that they created some metahumans with super strength, speed and stamina but not on the level of Superman's strength, Flashe's speed or Aquaman's stamina and tells her to be realistic with her expectations.

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@comicfan11: Thank you for the issue info, it was the last one of the story arc (I went ahead and picked it up because why not, I like Nightwing anyways). As always Comicfan11 you prove you know your Aquaman, even when it's just a couple lines in a Nightwing issue, always impressive.

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