Do you want an Aquaman Family book?

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Now that they introduced Tula and Garth in the post convergence DCU. Do you want an Aquaman Family book ala Batman Eternal wherein all this characters faces a threat in Atlantis that Arthur and Mera cant handle alone?

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I could dig that. I want to see a full on Atlantean Game of Thrones like DC always say they are trying to do but never actually execute.

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Why not.

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Id be down so far we have Aquaman, Mera, Vulko, Orm (Potential ally), Tula, Garth and even Lagoon Boy if he's on Earth-0 somewhere the Future Ends stuff confused me about Earth 2.

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Not really. Tula died before I was even born. And I never connected with Garth in the comics.

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I'd love to see these guys as a trio Garth, Tula and La'Gaan they make the perfect fictional team

Garth: Sorcerer

Tula: Warrior

La'Gaan: Tank

The title can even later introduce Kaldur and Lorena and possibly even new characters.

Possibly. I'd wanna see a book set years later with Aquaman teaching his legitimate son how to use his abilities and become s good ruler. Have his son be a teen or somethin

Like this idea I always hated that Arthur didn't have a kid to grow older as we read comics. Could of been great with A.J. but the whole aging thing, and I always hoped the Sword of Atlantis character would turn out to be A.J. Anyways I'm down for a heir of Atlantis even if it is a possible future as long as they keep Arthur and Mera prominent I think it would be cool.

Arthur Jr.: Died to early

Koryak: Wasn't their for him as a kid

A.J.: Aged past his childhood

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