Do you think that Aquaman could successfully lead the JL?

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In the last few panels of Justice League #12, Aquaman states that if he was allowed to take charge of the Justice League he could bring them together to be the team that Earth needs them to be. Batman quickly rebuts his statement by saying that they decided that all the decisions would be made by him because they had decided on that a long time ago. The issue wasn't addressed much more after that, but I want to know what you guys think?

So do you think Aquaman could pull it off and actually lead the Justice League to greatness? Or do you think, Batman is right and that Arthur's struggles with Atlantis prove that he would be an ineffectual leader?

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Well I don't know if he'd make a good leader of the league or not but I definately wanna see it

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I don't see why not, personally I prefer that Batman leads but I'm sure that Aquaman could do a good job if given the chance

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Well, he is a King right?? I don't see why he couldn't lead the JL

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He could but I would prefer Superman being the leader.

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I don't think that he would be that good of a leader but I would want to see it.

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@Jodez said:

Well I don't know if he'd make a good leader of the league or not but I definately wanna see it

Totally this. I was scoffing at the idea at first, but if the new 52 is going to change anything significantly, the leader of the League would be a big change to happen.

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Could he do it? He could lead Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and maybe Superman. Batman wouldn't follow him. Aquaman's a King. He'll take orders from Superman, and work alongside the others as equals in a supporting role. But placed in the leadership position? He'll expect to be treated as a king, orders followed without question, the only opinions that matter: His own. New 52 Aquaman is typically brash, and aggressive. Batman's stealthy, recon detective work would be a waste of time to Aquaman. Arthur would see it as every minute spent doing recon, or listening to Batman's suggestions in a combat situation as a moment they could be fighting the bad guys, and would attack instead. As such, Batman won't bother.

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Has Aquaman leading the League ever worked before? Then again this is a reboot"

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As much as I love Aquaman I'd have to say that as of this reboot he could not effectively lead the Justice League. I think the Aquaman before the reboot would have made a much better leader for the Justice League based on the way Aquaman is portrayed currently. I mean within the reboot alone they already show us that he wasn't very effective at running the Others, so why would that be any different for the Justice League? So while Aquaman has kept his anger and "do what he pleases" attitude (sorry, really couldn't think of a better way to describe it), I haven't seen him show any strategic thinking, or charisma that a king would have, he seems to be a king because of birth right, not ability, while before the reboot it was stated many times and shown that Arthur was a king because of who he was, not just because of his blood, and I think that made him more of a natural leader. Who knows though, you know how comic book writers are, the next two or three stories could change all of that and if they make Aquaman the leader of the team he may be the best one we've ever seen.

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Sure I guess he has the credentials though I feel Batman should as he has more of the intellect. Also, I don't think a lot of people average joes and many comicers alike would like that Aquaman was the leader of JL.

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I think Aquaman could be great leader hes a king plus hes lead the others so hes got the experience

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Aquaman would definitely be able to lead the Justice League, in my opinion.

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@Spectre108 said:

Aquaman would definitely be able to lead the Justice League, in my opinion.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: WEll,he leads the Justice League Detroit...not so well,because later je drop the position to save his marriage with Mera

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I think he could do it, quite effectively really.

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@matchesmalone21: You misunderstood me, i know A.C has led the League before. I'm saying it's never worked out well.

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yea he could but in a very follow me into battle top way

warrior king

not so much general

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As a warrior and king, I think he would be willing to make the tough decisions more so than Superman.

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@Zoch81 said:

I think Aquaman could be great leader hes a king plus hes lead the others so hes got the experience


And he is something between batman and Superman ready to take decisions supes wouldn't and ready to unite the team for more than missions.

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#21 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

I think he could certainly do it. The JL members need to have more faith in him ;)

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He's prob the Best JL lead. Exept the Batman nobody ia actually able to guide the League but Arthur. The problem is that Batman has 0 diplimacy while Aquaman is a true politician leader. Aquaman MUST guide JL in the movies and new52 comics!

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The fact that Batman leads irks me.


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Could he? Yeah.

Do I want him to? Hell naw.

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Yes, he could.

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he did it before in the 80's.

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I always thought he would actually make the best leader...

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If Batman wasn't the brains of the operation what would he do?

"Superman, move that planet! Wonder Woman, kill that Greco-Roman g-d! Flash, go back in time and kill Hitler! Cyborg, teleport us to another planet! Lantern, put a bubble around that bomb! I, Aquaman, will summon 75 giant quids! Batman, hold our coats!"

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He already leads Atlantis

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well everyone knows they won't reduce the mighty batman to a coat-holder... but personally, I think A.C would be potentially the best fit to run the J.L. He has struggled as a leader, but I believe that is due in part to him being such an outcast in virtually everything. If they all embraced him as their leader, I think he would excel at the position.

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In all honesty, I'd say he's more qualified than anyone else to lead the team. Superman seems more the public face, Batman would be a better adviser alongside Lex, and the only real competition he should have for that role would be Wonder Woman, whom I also think could lead the team.

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if he's a king then yes.

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