Can Aquaman Save the Oceans?

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Aquaman is the ultimate aquatic superman, and his allies and his dangerous missions and diabolical nemeses, particularly the evil wizard Black Manta, represent a comic book investment in terrain intrigue.

Jason Momoa may portray Aquaman in a full-length feature film about the time-worn comic book superhero.

We have to ask if the collection of Aquaman stories encourage storyboarding about 'environmental vigilance' (and to what degree), and if we can cast Aquaman in cross-over stories interesting enough to inspire everyday pedestrian improvisation.

There should be an archive of Black Manta stories specifically dealing with environmental terrorism.

Would you want Aquaman to be an eco-political spokesman/avatar for a hypothetical save-the-dolphins podium?

As I drew this self-distracting doodle of the sky-soaring Spider-Man nemesis Hobgoblin (Marvel Comics), posted below, I wondered if Aquaman (DC Comics) art is reaching the everyday editor.

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I like the idea of Aquaman being an environmental focused hero. It doesn't really have to stop at sea life though in my opinion. It should be about the oceans and everything polluting of them effects whether it be plants, people or animals. Make it a issue in a way where it doesn't come off as corny play up the environmental disasters. Whether it be mutations occuring, deaths, or anything else.

I like the environmental take because it separates him from his coworkers at the League. Wonder Woman focusing heavily on mythology, Green Lantern being about Space exploration, Batman about Government Corruption and so forth. It gives Aquaman a main aspect to focus on.

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Aqua-Adaptation Astrology: Academia

Those are solid points and intriguing references. Dolphin sonar is an interesting biological adaptation, and we humans study it for submarine technology/engineering.

We already know that Black Manta (the nemesis of Aquaman) devises diabolical under-water vehicles and gadgets designed to create aquatic turbulence.

Dolphin Sonar (Entertainment)

Bio-Sonar (Wikipedia)

Submarine Sonar (Wikipedia)

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Sea of Leviathan

If we can find time to invest in SeaWorld, then we can find time to appreciate how Aquaman (DC Comics) is a subtle 'advertising agent' for oceanography.

Humanity's scholars take time to understand the rolling unpredictability of the currents in the universe and even devise chaos-themed linguistic terms such as 'leviathan' to signify a perception of the dark seas. Aquaman could therefore be 'spun' as a planetary hero.

There's no reason that art can not be inspiring to diplomats!

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I think it would definitely be cool for Jason Momoa's character to have aspects of conservation involved, so long as it won't be in a soft and weepy sense. Judging from the trailer I don't think we have to worry about that. He drinks whisky (rum?) and stands amongst epic crashing waves. Any 'save the environment' message is likely to be pretty gritty.

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