Best Comicbook Artist that drew Aquaman?

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For me Ivan Reis is the best comicbook artist that drew Aquaman over the years. Arthur looks magestic during Ivan Reis run.

Honorable Mention

Jim Lee

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Jason Fabok

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Alex Ross

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Kenneth Roccafort

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I'd say Ivan as well. He did a phenomenal job overall during his run in Aquaman.

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Its pretty hard for me I liked Lee's design for Pretty Boy Arthur but Reis's made Arthur with his art have feel for moments for the character like the one you posted.

As far as Fabok and Ross I like the after shave and hair that Fabok went for in his design quite similar to Lee's design, and Justice is one of my favorite comics it has great Aquaman moments and I like the realness in the art. Roccafort Art looks pretty similar to Reis I like the addition of Salty on that Others cover the only throw off is the colors.

Id probably rank them as posted.

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Ivan Reis

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Ivan Reis.

Also that last cover is Ivan Reis, not Roccafort.

You can even see his signature on the bottom and slightly right.

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Jim Lee.

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The obvious answer is Ivan Reis, but I feel like Jesus Saiz really drew a great, classic Aquaman.

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Saiz? Other than that one Brave and the Bold team-up with the Demon, I can't remember him drawing Aquaman. Did he do some issues and I forgot about them?

Saiz is great.

As far as regular artists go, I would agree with the majority that Reis might just be the gold standard. I immensely enjoyed Paul Pelletier's run as well.

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Paul pelltier & martin england from PAD run

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I think very few artists can make Aquaman look great

my favourites

Ivan Reis

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Jesus Saiz

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Patrick Gleason

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Ryan Sook

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Alex Ross

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@hatutzeraze: In the New 52, In Swamp Thing Issue 32, He make Aquaman look Regal and cool, I really like Saiz art.

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