Are Current Writers Overcompensating With Aquaman?

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One of the goals of the New 52 was rescuing Aquaman from his (undeserved) status as a joke due to the superfriends cartoon. However, does anyone feel the writers wen too far in the opposite direction by making kind of overpowered?

This web comic posted on scans daily seems to think so:

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@agent_z: This is not a response directly to you, just my thoughts on the matter in general.

Let's see.

Some other characters that writers are actually overcompensating for, but no one makes a thread about it.

Iceman is currently a virtual Ice god / elemental or whatever, started as a guy who turned to a snowman with ice control.

Firestorm has the "spark of creation" or something, because being able to transmute elements and fly was apparently not enough.

VIbe can now synch up and travel through universes not to mention counter the Flash and destroy cities during battle.

Wonder Woman is now a goddess of War, daughter of Zeus, carries around a virtual "Magical weapons r us", can summon lightning or smthing and has also a DBZ special power up move. Oh and the sword is a must now.

Iron-Man has literally fused with his suit through nanite technology or Extremis or whatever and is now in space, because having an entire arsenal of advanced suits was not enough.

Hulk went from being knocked out by gas to not needing air at all.

Harley Quinn is metahuman, instead of just crazy ex psychologist and they keep shoving her in stuff she has no business with at the first place. Point in case Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad... WTF? Amanda Waller would never put this undisciplned, unstable, untrained trainwreck anywhere near a mission with an objective. And yet there she is because Amanda Waller knows Batman and since Batman can't be on the Suicide Squad (thankfully so far) we have to shove a different bat character here. There MUST be a Bat character EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING that ever existed in the DCU must be connected with Batman...

Blue Devil became a literal demon with actual superpowers, instead of some guy in a suit.

And of course... BATGOD, the most powerful entity to ever appear in literature, he went from a trained rich guy with a suit and a lot of free time to all knowing ninja Iron-man that can't even be bothered against the Justice League, but in his case I guess it's not overcompensating. Right?

The fact that writers toss around cr@p like him beating the JL because "he prepares" multiple times every couple of years I guess is not overcompensating (JLA Tower of Babel, JLA Doom, Batman Confidential, Batman Endgame, etc)

Frank Miller's Year One and DKR (two great stories that tried to make people forget the TV Batman of Adam west) were "brave reinterpretations of the character" and a "more serious take" not overcompensating, but Johns doing the same with Aquaman apparently, is.

What a load of $hit and hypocrisy.

Oh and as for Snyder's Joker he is apparently some sort of immortal chaos god now? WTF? This is not overcompensating, this is simply fanfiction.

Aquaman didn't gain any new powers, the writers just showcase what he can do. He had exactly the same powers before.

He got the Trident as part of his standard equipment, but that's hardly something new, since he has used the Trident before multiple times.

If anything Aquaman actually lost the ability to control water (so far), partially because people would b1tch it makes Mera and Aqualad irrelevant.

My point is that writers do with Aquaman is not overcompensating in the slightest. Certainly not more than any other character that inexplicably gets a pass, and most comic book characters fall into this category.

So to sum up, No. If Wonder Woman can summon weapons out of her bracers, if Batman can beat the JL on his own and if Iron-Man has now internalized his suit, then no way in h3ll is Aquaman wielding a weapon that belonged to his ancestors overcompensating.

PS I like most of the changes I mentioned above like Iron-Man's internalized suit (except Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and Batman in the Confidential issues).

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Hell no.

Some people just can't wrap it around her head that this is no longer the 70s anymore and what they think of Aquaman is not relevant to this generation or this version of the character.

And overpowered? That's a bunch of BS. Aquaman, as I have said countless times before is actually in a very rare level of power. He as a very high level of strength as well as speed and durability for someone in his class which makes him a difficult matchup for most people in a physical sense. But he is still below that territory that would make him just another unstoppable brick character.

Someone on Scans daily said this:

"Yeah, my interpretation is that Aquaman is the jack of all trades of the JLA.

He's super strong, a trained fighter, a telepath, he's not as strong as Supes, as good a telepath as J'onn, or as skilled a fighter as Bruce or Diana, but he has a diverse enough portfolio he can fill any niche.

He's basically the Bard of the Super hero world."

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He's definitely not overpowered but you can CLEARLY tell the game plan for him in the New-52 was obviously to show he had some balls.

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I agree with your opinnion about Aquaman.

Is Harley Quinn a metahuman ? I know that The joker "create" her in way he was "created".

I didnt like the new powers of Vibe and Grifter has similiary abilities with his telepathy, and there so much they can do sound/vibrations.

Wonder Woman i am ok.

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@blackwind: I think the better analogy is a melee ranger and not a bard.

Aquaman is not a jack of all trades, he is a front line character with extra abilities and skills. Not a traditional one like a default fighter but equally effective.

@vitalius: Harley has enhanced stats like strength and agility due to some drugs but I don't remember how she got them.

And I'm OK with most of the changes (except the whole bat character in every friggin book that DC is doing), I was just trying to point out how hypocritical it is to ask this for Aquaman (when it's not actually done) while it's being done for other characters all the time at ridiculous rates.

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Seriously how many times to I have to say this...

Aquaman was a powerhouse long before the New 52, and long before current writers had a crack at him.

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But I kind like that Arthur could train with Mera and learn Atlanteans sorcery and same goes for Wonder Woman but with Gods Magic. I dont like how many batbook there is and thank to cosmic force that they didnt make Batman and Wonder Woman or gave book team up with all rest of Justice League members. Maybe Harley Quinn got from Suicide Squad since Amanda Waller exprimented with members.

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@vitalius: Aquaman honestly doesn't need magic. Water control through the Trident would be just fine (like Injustice and Pre-52 Aquaman).

Harley got the enhancements by some drugs but I'm sure it wasn't by Waller (at least before 52).

@sinestro_gl: Amen

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I meant like Tempest and Mera. Not like Doctor Fate or Zatanna.

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The only thing Id put N52 Aquaman over any other version is leaping, possibly strength/durability but that depends on where you stand on the Atlan sceptor thing.

Durability - 90s Aquaman took a blast that KO'd Orion from Starro and was still up.

Versatility - Water Hand, had a wide array of abilities.

Telepathy - PC or Pre52 in general. Able to control not just Animals but Humans, Aliens, Artificial Intelligence.

Skill - Flashpoint.

Speed - SA Aquaman was able to dodge lightning on land, compared to lightning in movements. Search how fast lightning hits the ground as well.

Swimming Speed - 90s Aquaman I believe has swam near Mach 20. N52 Is around at least Mach5-Mach10.

Healing - Water Hand has shown great healing properties and has healed its user. If alt versions count "Justice" Aquaman was healing from having part of his brain removed and instantly healed when put in water.

Pre52 has faced more heavy hitters also Titus, Lobo, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Despero, Olympian.

New52 just seems more consistent for now.

Pre52 versions would beat New52 Aquaman in a fight though.

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@vitalius: He doesn't need that. Aquaman isn't a sorcerer type. And what Mera does should be unique to her.

Only logical powerups from here he should have are his higher level TP and have his trident work the way it does in Injustice. That way, no water around? His makes his own.

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@blackwind: Hydrokenisis on Altanteans isnt that rare. I dont mind if his Trident was his magical side and if had hydrokenisis.

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@blackwind: I honestly dont get why people bring up if Arthur has hydrokinesis. Mera becomes less unique or formerly what was said was pointless. If your a paid writer Im certain you can write them in a way where Mera still has a certain uniqueness to her although both being able to control water. Heck she could even be the more power water manipulator between the 2.

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Aquaman is viable on land too though.

He is in no shape or form overpowered at all.

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@justthatkid: If its done at all, it should be done though the trident. Or at least make it so the way he does it is different.

Kaldur in Young Justice for example. His way of using hydrokinesis is clearly different than Mera's style in the comics. I just don't want them looking identical.

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@blackwind: I think the better analogy is a melee ranger and not a bard.

Aquaman is not a jack of all trades, he is a front line character with extra abilities and skills. Not a traditional one like a default fighter but equally effective.

I've used the bard analogy as well; not necessarily for the jack-of-all-trades, however. It's because bards do a lot but players hear "bard" and think "sings" or "jack-of-all-trades" just like Aquaman has the "talks-to-fish" association where everything else would be ignored. They both suffer a strong stereotypical response.

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Hey if Superman can bench press earth for 5 days or Flash have unlimited usage of speed-force,why shouldn't aquaman use divine trident (ffs with the pc version, he ,by himself,chraged at imperiex probe, snaped it's sword and killed it. )

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