Aquaman Movie: the fate of the Deserters

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Anyone wonder if the Deserters from the aquaman movie eventually became modern humans?

It's been stated that Zeus created the Humans but they called themselves the Atlanteans, and the Deserters evolved into modern humans. Since the Deserters were not affected by King Atlan's trident (being out of range), they evolved as Zues (and Ares) intended. As the Deserters ran out of resources, they could have migrated throughout Africa.

Not really sure if official timelines are given out for the events (Zues creating man, Deserters leaving original Atlantis)


In Justice League movie there is clearly a distinction between Atlaneans and Humans, but never an explanation on the two races existing with only one considered to be created by Zeus. Also possible the myth in the wonder woman movie about Zeus creating humans is just a myth.

In the JL movie: the fall of Atlantis hadn't happened yet, it's possible that the Humans were the Deserters, no longer reffering to themselves as part of Atlantis, depending on the actual timelines of events (how long did they have to expand) .

Other random Thoughts:

Also possible the Deserters just intermingled with modern Humans.

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