Aquaman movie rumors?

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Just a thread wondering about some rumors.

Surfer with tribal tattoos. Surfer being a reference to the long hair and the tats clearly being shown in the image reveal.

There was also the rumor of him somewhat making an appearance in DoJ now that seems obvious.

But what about the rumor of him being cousins with Wonder Woman due to be the son of Poseidon. The other stuff is minor in my opinion compared to this cause this is origin influenced and in honesty as cool as it might sound its really unnecessary. Keep him the bridge of both land and sea. Not sky and sea.

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My thoughts are if you're going to have Aquaman's origin tie into mythology, it would make more sense to base it off the legends of the Polynesian tribes since the DCCU Aquaman is being played by a Pacific Islander. It would take more effort but it would be better than trying to awkwardly cram Greek mythology into a region that never followed it. The only exception might be Atlantis because that is a story that has been shared by multiple ancient cultures throughout history (albeit with different names).

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I think with Aquaman being WW cousin is weird unless the guy who heard this rumor must of misheard it And the truth is there talking about the villain of the movie will be Triton son of Poseidon also WW cousin

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Links to these rumors origins or not worth my time.

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Not sure about the original source but it was a past AM rumor and alot are coming true.

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I don't believe it. Same deal when the WW being Kryptonian info came out and they flat out denied it.

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@youknowwhattodo: Personally would prefer Pacific Gods being minorly or in some way referenced not Aquaman as the son of one though.

@darknightspideyfanboy: Triton would be cool maybe Poseidon then later gives Arthur the trident and see's him as a successor of sorts kinda like a son. Dont want anything to strongly connected to Wonder Woman. The Greek Mythology is more her side of DCU.

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People just can't be patient lets just wait and see.

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