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I think that as an atlantean and coming from royality he has a long lifespan, what do you think? How much do you think he can live?

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@isidroguerra: It's honestly never really been truthfully addressed. It really depends on the writer.

Stories like Kingdom Come and Earth-12 have him stay looking pretty young. He atleast seems still at the youth age of Superman and Wonder Woman where all of them are still able to physically fight and show no signs of any physical impairment due to age. Whereas humans like Batman become old and crippled in both KC and Beyond Universe.

Stories like of Rock of Ages had him appear pretty old but I think so was Diana and she has a long life span.

If we look at the New52 his ancestor Atlan lived for thousands of years and still was able to physically kick Aquaman's ass. But that could be due to magic.

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He's part human though, so I wonder how that might impact his longevity. He's pretty super-powered, though, so I get the sense that his Atlantean side is the predominant one.

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