Aquaman in BvS (SPOILERS)

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While I didn't expect anything but a cameo of Aquaman in Dawn of Justice, I kinda hoped to see more than a meaningless cameo in Luthor's encrypted files about metahumans.

For example, in the scene when Superman was drowning, 'somebody he didn't see' could help him out of the water of give him the Kryptonite spear he was looking for. We don't need to see him; just the hint he was there is more than enough.

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Did you see how fast he swam??

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I think it would of been bad if Aquamoa gave Cav-El the spear and just was like well good luck see you at your funeral.

To be honest I don't know what I went in expecting but I wasn't really feeling the look I though I got over, the highlights were unnoticeable if they were even there and the cameo was like 5 seconds long.

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#4 Posted by ThePreface (1436 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm excited to see what James Wan does with the character.

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#5 Posted by PsychoPinata (365 posts) - - Show Bio

He looked like he was holding his breathe lmao. So much for being king of the seas

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@psychopinata: Exactly what i thought. :D Loved the movie through and through. It was almost perfect. But I couldnt get over Aquaman visibly holding his breath under water. Oh, and Flash looking like a bum... That was annoying as well.

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@chimeroid: Flash looking homeless and using a recycled scrap metal suit

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@psychopinata:The suit from the future is ok to be scrap metal because he comes from Injustice future with the dystopian crap going on. The scene in the store was really sad for me.. He really just looked like a bum stealing milk... He didn't even look like he was buying it. Not to mention he got caught on camera like a noob without his suit.

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One of my favorite scenes in the entire movie.

The kind off horror quality it had and the way we saw the eyes first was great (the music was excelent). But the best part was actually seeing Aquaman survive at depths of 6,8 kms underwater, being able to see in total darkness, being strong enough to move at crushing depths, use the Trident (which looks exactly like the comics) and finaly show his insane speed, by creating a double sonic boom while swimming away.

And the whole file was set up twice already in the movie, which made the reveal even better.

For a 30 second cameo, it was great.

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No Caption Provided

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Those blue eyes...

That spear....


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I actually really liked the way that set of cameos were done. It didn't feel like it was out of place from the movie as the files had a set up.

REALLY loved the part where he took off like an underwater rocket. Double sonic boom underwater generating a shock wave that blew the camera man away! I think we can expect Aquaman to be presented as a force to be reckoned with, which is one of the most important things that needs to happen for his movie to be taken seriously by the general audience.

As for him looking like he was holding his breath... duh? They can't just... Give him the ability to actually breath underwater. Jason doesn't have the luxury of scuba gear on his outfit.

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