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It's One Year Later after the events of INFINITE CRISIS, and Aquaman has totally changed! Who is the new savior of the seven seas, and what happened to the original Aquaman?

The story begins with a large storm, the storm from Infinite Crisis. It destroys the home/lab of Arthur Joseph Curry and his father. Arthur is revealed to have been mutated just after birth by his father, this was done to save his life when his mother died and he was born several months premature.

The serum his father gave him made it so that he did not breathe air, but he had gills that would pull the oxygen from water (like fish). He also has many abilities similar to those of Aquaman.

After the destruction of his home, and the tank that he was kept in, he is thrown into the ocean. He swims downward, and eventually hears a voice asking him his name. The voice mistakes him for Aquaman because their first and last names are the same.

The voice tells him where to go, and when he arrives, he sees a battle raging on between a shark-like humanoid (legs and arms like a man, but the head and parts of a shark [fins]), and other sea creatures.

The voice then tells him to give aid, but he says that he can't fight "that monster". But he is revealed to be Nanaue, the King Shark, and he must be saved for the future of the oceanscape.

The two of them fight the sea creatures until Nanaue calls sharks to his aid. Then Nanaue grabs Arthur and pulls him from the fight to save him from the sharks because, "When blood-madness is on them, no one can control them".

The voice leads them to it. It is revealed to be a creature known as, the "Dweller In The Depths". It gives Arthur a set of armor that is similar to that of the original Aquaman (orange shirt, green pants)(because his outfit consists of a pair of shorts). The armor also includes a sword.


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