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Can This Be Death?

Aquaman wakes up in a strange new world. The last thing he remembers is returning to Atlantis, from Alaska, with Aqualad. Outside the great domed city, Queen Mera was meeting with the Ocean Master. The seagoing marauder had come to warn Aquaman of an impending alien invasion of Earth. Ocean Master also revealed that, at long last, his memories had returned. He knew that Aquaman was his brother. Then, the aliens descended upon them. Aquaman was shot. Now, he is left to contemplate his new surroundings. The atmosphere is of the same consistency as water. Aquaman finds he can swim through the air. As he explores this weird, abstract environment, he is set upon by an enormous, cyclopian amoeba. Aquaman's telepathic commands fail to sway the creature from it's pursuit. Aquaman is left with no choice but to run. Suddenly, a young woman appears and begins firing arrows into the creature. Aquaman's telepathy fails him, again, in trying to communicate with the woman. He takes the woman's weapon from her, and fires a bolt into the creature's eye. The creature explodes, nearly taking Aquaman and the girl with it. Aquaman begins to pick up a feint telepathic signal, and follows it to the source.

The City On The Edge Of Nowhere

Aquaman follows the garbled telepathic emissions to a bizarre floating city. The girl follows him. As with the girl, Aquaman is unable to telepathically communicate with the city's populace. The telepathic signals he does pick up, though, are coming from a centrally located structure. Entering the building, Aquaman is attacked by a single guard, whose weapon coats Aquaman in enervating bubbles. Before the Sea King's strength can completely fail him, he renders the guard unconscious and proceeds inside. Entering a deeply recessed chamber, Aquaman discovers a group of the city's inhabitants engaged in conversation. At last, the girl establishes a telepathic link with Aquaman. The people only communicate with one another in this sacred place. Outside of the chamber it is forbidden. The girl identifies their location as "The City". Beyond "The City", is "The Wilderness". There is nothing else. Concepts like planets, galaxies and stars are meaningless to her. Aquaman begins to suspect that he has not been transported to some alien world, but to another plane of reality. Desperately seeking information, Aquaman asks to speak to someone in authority. The girl says there is only Brother Warnn. At the mere mention of the name, the man in question enters the chamber, but is he friend or foe?

Deadman Rides Again

In the fabled land of Nanda Parbat, Boston Brand can find no peace. Summoned by Rama Kushna, Brand is sent to investigate a strange submersible craft. Rama Kushna senses there is a connection between the vessel and the end times, for life on Earth. As Nanda Parbat dissolves around Brand he reflects on the circumstances that brought him here. His assassination at the hands of a killer called "The Hook". His subsequent hunt to bring his killer to justice, from beyond the grave, as "Deadman". His new "life" in the service of Rama Kushna. The world comes back into focus, and Brand finds himself, deep beneath the sea, outside the submersible. Passing through the hull, Brand discovers that the vessel is being piloted by the Ocean Master. He watches as the Ocean Master plants a strange device on the ocean floor. Two hours later, Ocean Master meets with a group of aliens. In return for his services, the aliens have agreed to slay Ocean Master's hated foe, Aquaman. Brand is torn between discovering the nature of the alien's device, and saving Aquaman's life. Brand opts to help the KIng of the Seas. To that end, he possesses the Ocean Master. Within Ocean Master's mind, Brand finds some kind of blockage preventing him from taking total control of the villain's body. Brand breaks through the barrier, and all of Ocean Master's lost memories come flooding back to him. Realizing that Aquaman is, in fact, his brother, the Ocean Master races to warn him of the coming alien attack. Satisfied that Ocean Master himself will save Aquaman, Brand returns to the alien's craft. There, Brand learns that the alien devices that Ocean Master planted, once activated, will quarter the mental acuity of everyone on Earth, making the populace that much easier to enslave. Brand possesses one of the aliens, but a device onboard their ship seems to detect his presence. Brand abandons the alien, and possesses another, but it's too late. The aliens unleash a strange feline creature, with exceptionally large eyes and ears, into the room. It's unblinking eyes fix Brand in it's terrible gaze. Brand grow dizzy, then screams as he is forcibly wrenched from this plane of existence, and hurled into another.

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