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3.5 of four stars

It loks at character s that have appeared in past issues of aquaman such as the others and Sky the appache spirit walker. It also introduces Morgaine la fey to the new 52 and you get a glimps of her new alighnment. There was so many awesome characters and concepts being shown in this comic that I think it could have easily been speadout in to a 4 issue series. Aquaman was in this playing a minor role but the other characters in this really hit the mark. I was left wanting to see moreof them. There is a battle that takes place at the end which was ok. Therewas also a trace of a love story between the two teen characters which just seems to have potencial for something heavy.

I commend the writer of this issue on a job well done because even though the plot was straight forward, there was a magic in what was left unsaid for ther reader to develop in his/her mind. The art hit its marks as much as I iimagine an annual can since its not reagular team. I actually like mr borges and diaz style more than the regular artist, but there was a time when I felt he could have showcased moragiane la fey better, afterall, she is a pretty big player in dc and this is her first apperance new 52 aswell as the fact that her gold costume is very impressive to look at.

I mentioned the characters, three of which stole the show for me. One was the P.O.W. I really felt the somberness that follows this character. He aswell as the Others are an example of minor characters that resonate with the reader. Morgaine La Fey was another character i liked. Her motivations are revealed, but there is just so much of her that remains hidden. She is definately not the character from the JLU cartoon series though. This version is much better. Who really stole the issue for me was Sky. I think she was very well depicted as an appache tribe girl and though the art didnt per-se look native american the coloring of her red tone did hit the mark. I kinda had a little crush on her through out the issue. Ya-wara also stars in this issue and thogh not very compelling at the start, she turned it around at the end in a gasping shocker.

So this issue is highly recommended but I did give it 3.5 stars because I was just left wanting so much more of what I was seeing!

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