Aquaman #4

    Aquaman » Aquaman #4 - Thicker Than Water! released by DC Comics on May 1986.

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    In the epic conclusion to Aquaman's action-packed limited series, Aquaman and Ocean Master duel to stop an impending Atlantean invasion of the surface world!

    As Aquaman begins slipping into self pity, Nuada urges him to go over Ocean Master's plan to find a weak point. Aquaman then urges Nuada to stop Orm due to her understanding of magic, but is turned down since it's not her fight as she says.

    Meanwhile Ocean Mast continues his search for the crystals, stealing another from another underwater city.Meanwhile Nuada continues to reach Aquaman, making him understand his anger is what Ocean Master desires of him, as emotions are what fuels his magic. As Aquaman attempts to use his emotions which he has kept in check his entire life through his constant anger, Nuada begins her plan to stop Ocean Master. As she feeds Aquaman raw magic to use in his battle with Orm, which begins shortly after, with Aquaman.

    Aquaman's astral self then defeats Orm by using his love for Orm to overcome his hate, before returning to his body with the crystals becoming dead as Aquaman and Nuada find Ocean Master's floating helmet. As Aquaman and Nuada set out to their respective kingdoms, Orm is revealed to be alive asking for help from his brother who has already departed as he's buried beneath rubble.


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