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The Trench: Conclusion

Art: Not bad. I thought some of the underwater panels got a little repetitive but both the double page spreads were super detailed and looked great. In all honesty I think Aquaman looks better on the surface with bright colors around him but obviously this can't always happen.

Plot: Aquaman and Mera discover the lair of the starving monsters deep within the ocean. They infiltrate their lair and all too easily rescue the kidnapped while plugging up the trench to prevent the monsters from escaping. Back on the surface a series of nice but cheesy encounters occur to wrap up the first arc.

I was really hoping for a lot more. It seems Geoff Johns quickly wrapped up the the arc just for the sake of it. It just felt like a quick smash and grab, job done, lets move on. Having said that, I'm still happy to see the end of the arc as I was never too keen on these monsters of the deep. Let's take this arc for what it is, an introduction. I really do look forward to the future of Aquaman and seeing how Geoff breaths new life into this awesome character.

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