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There are parts of the ocean even Aquaman should not enter. Now Aquaman and Mera must descend into uncharted territory: the smoky black crevice at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, home of the cannibalistic creatures known only as the Trench. One last secret behind these loathsome creatures will be revealed as "The Trench" thunders toward its bloodcurdling conclusion!

In order to seal the Trench to stop them from invading the surface world again, Aquaman triggers a volcanic eruption. The queen of these subterranean beings dies in the process. Back at Amnesty Bay, Aquaman helps the people who were trapped in the cocoons the Trench made to preserve their "food". A boy comes up to the Sea King and tells him that

Aquaman is his favorite super hero, bringing a smile to both him and Mera. Later at the Curry Lighthouse, deputy Wilson arrives to thank Aquaman and Mera for their help and to apologize for the action of some of his colleagues. Someone else wanted to say thank you and it was the dog that Aquaman rescued. The aqua duo decide to keep the dog and realized he needed a name. Deputy Wilson suggested Aquadog. The story ends with Mera saying they will have to teach their new pet to swim.

There is an Epilogue to the next story line that shows the continent of Atlantis being sunk in one day. Aquaman will begin a quest to solve the mystery.



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Is that a fish? 0

The series takes a shift here from the heavier atmosphere of suspense and instead focuses a lot more on the action.  That is not to say that there is anything wrong with this issue, in fact it is a lot of fun, just the stronger character portrayals and build up of plot are moistly ignored for the sake of attacking trench denizens and exploding vents.  It might have even been a little stronger but it also didn't quite strike the balance with the action based climax halfway through the issue, with...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

Into The Depths Of The Trench 0

The Story: Aquaman and Mera head into The Trench to rescue the captured citizens and resolve this threat permanently. My Thoughts:I always look forward to the last week of the month. I like to call it Aquaman week as it's my most anticipated issue and the one I always read first. It's a nice way to end a month of comics and so far I haven't been disappointed one time by this series.  This issue is the conclusion of The Trench story arc which takes Aquaman and Mera into the depths of The Trench. ...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

Not Enough Depth to The Trench 0

The Good: One thing that's definitely helping Aquaman's level of respect is the dark and badass artwork from Ivan Reis. I think he's doing even better work on Aquaman than he did on Green Lantern, and he did EXCELLENT work on Green Lantern. His facial expressions are quite great, ranging from powerfully intense to gentlely soothing. It's what really makes that moment where the little kid tells Aquaman he's his favoriet superhero. But he also weaves some incredibly mood enhancing black shadows th...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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