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The Gamesman has captured Animal Man's daughter Maxine! Will Aquaman and Animal Man be able to save her?

Maxine Baker has been captured in a container at the bottom of the ocean, where she has just used the last air container she had. She then reaches out to her father Animal Man through The Red, when he answers he is hurt but she then senses someone else closer to her. In the aftermath of his battle with Triton, Aquaman has been left blinded by Poseidon, who says he will help him if he prays to him to which Aquaman promptly refuses leaving Aquaman on land far from help earning him Aquman's vengeance. Meanwhile Buddy Baker in his speed boat is blown up by his foe, as Aquaman hears this and comes searching for survivors. However his blindness proves a huge obstacle, until he runs into Topo and Buddy Baker who asks for his help.

Aquaman then charges the nearby Nemek to rescue Maxine, as Aquaman and Buddy begin a battle with the Gamesman. The two then repel the Gamesman as Nemek brings Maxine to the surface with the Gamesman fleeing and swearing vengeance on Buddy.

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