Aquaman #25

    Aquaman » Aquaman #25 - Betwixt and Between released by DC Comics on October 1, 1996.

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    The forces of Earth's seas are victorious as the secrets of the alien invaders are revealed.

    Aquaman is forced to ponder over the offer he has been presented by the invaders leader, while convincing Garth, Dolphin, and Power Girl that destroying his army would inevitably backfire.He then decides to wait and think over a superior solution to the problem he has been presented,but this is interpreted by Kordax and Koryak's arrival to kill Aquaman. While Tiamat assumes a dragon form perched atop of the white house,with Power Girl leaving the others to attempt to battle the villain, while Neptune Perkins retreats with the president from then flooding.

    Aquaman and Kordax then prepare to face off with Kordax losing while trying to place doubts in Aquaman's mind, while Garth and Koryak battle in the White House dining room. Back in the ocean Nuada has continued leading the forces of Atlantis repressing the first wave of invaders, but they are all dismayed to see a larger wave arrive. Aquaman is then stopped mid battle by Dolphin at gun point, but is revealed that she was meant to shoot Aquaman not Charybdis, and has fought Kordax's urging to do so since then. Dolphin then refuses to allow Kordax to kill Aquaman either shooting at him which is blocked by his sword ricocheting and striking Dolphin who sinks.Aquaman then utilizes his telepathy causing Kordax to realize it is in fact greater then his own, refusing to be defeated he kills himself with his own sword.

    The floating city is then overtaken by the invaders who begin shooting to destroy it, prompting all of the heroes to abandon the city. Aquaman then uses his telepathy on Tiamat, overtaking her mind forcing her into Atlan's magic bag which causes her death. Aquaman then leaves Dolphin with Arion begging him to heal her, while Aquaman rejects the leader's offer because it would inevitably begin with great destruction,something he allows the population to see through Atlan's viewing globe with the leader leaving vowing to return upon the world's destruction. Dolphin then awakens with Garth leaving alongside Atlan for another mission.


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