Aquaman #24

    Aquaman » Aquaman #24 - United We Fall released by DC Comics on September 1, 1996.

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    Aquaman leads his troops into battle!

    The leaders of the explorers has finally arrived on Earth, in their bid to conquer it by gaining the surface world's trust by promising to elevate the human race. While Aquaman prepares to lead his forces into battle with the invaders, with the first ship attacking the ruins of Poseidonis that they have made their stronghold,but is repelled by Aquaman with assistance of a blue whale, with the crew captured to gain the invasion schedule. The leader of the Explorers then shows his power in a demonstration by curing a blind man.

    While back in Poseidonis Atlan has created a portal enabling Aquaman to send out envoys to each of the Atlantean cities. The various ships of the races then arrive to Earth from space arriving and begin to carry out an attack on the various cities, but are met with resistance of the citizens and several of Aquaman's closest allies. Strom is then killed by an invader in his office for his failures, with his killer then appearing to Kordax threatening the same fate if he doesn't kill Aquaman. Aquaman then notices the lack of heroes in DC, and utilizes Atlans portal for himself Dolphin and Garth into the White House to see the president, but is met by the invader's leader who asks to speak with him alone. He then accepts with the two entering into the officer as he asks Garth to watch the woman. Aquaman is then made an offer by the leader, he will grant Aquaman unlimited power if he stops resisting him, and if he refuses they will leave but allow the world to know it's his fault utopia was lost.


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