Aquaman #23

    Aquaman » Aquaman #23 - Deep Trouble released by DC Comics on August 1, 1996.

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    Aquaman goes to Tritonis to enlist their aid, but Kordax and the Poseidonians have already beaten them there!

    The alien race "The Explorers' have visited the white house in order to gain support following their failure with the oceans sea population.While back in the ocean Aquaman return to learn that Tritonis has been destroyed,with the people being captured by Kordax controlled Atlanteans. Atlan then begins reaching out to Arion calling for his aid.The three then enter the Tritonian ruins where they confront Kordax, Vulko and Koryak , with a wager being made of Garth fighting Koryak for the fate of Lady S'ONA and Aquaman's life which Garth casually wins. Aquaman and Kordax then enter into a telepathic battle for the Atlanteans, causing pain with all beings of the sea with Aquaman having to stop to save all of their lives.

    Aquaman then gathers Atlan, Arion, The Guardian of Hy-Basil, Garth, Tsunami, Nuada Dolphin, Power Girl, The Sea Devils and Deep Blue to battle the Hunters.


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