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Fish Out of Water

Back in my Riddler #1 review, I said that it was the best Villains month comic out there at the time, and now it has been dethroned. Before I opened the first page, I had no interest in Ocean Master aka Orm, he was pretty cool in Throne of Atlantis, but he didn't do anything for me as a villain. However, this thought was soon put to rest once the last page was over, I felt sorry for this man, but at the same time I felt horror that he could be so heartless. This character, who I've had no previous emotional attachment to, was brought to life beautifully.

The Story/Writing

This story is sort and simple, but highly effective. After the Belle Reve inmates are released by the Crime Syndicate, Orm makes his way back to his home, the ocean. The characterization of Orm was the highlight of this book, the man still treats himself as a king, yet hides a strange compassion that comes into play twice in the issue (the first time would be considered heartless by our standards and redemptive the 2nd time). While the supporting cast are all cookie cutter characters, they all fit into their roles for this single issue.

The Art

I was surprised to find out that regular Aquaman artist Paul Pelletier only did the cover (which an extremely gorgeous that works amazingly in 3D), and Geraldo Borges did the interior. I was pleasantly surprised, he does a stellar job! And Rob Reis just always takes my breath away with his colors.


Not much more to add other than buy the issue! And if at all possible the 3D cover! Ocean Master has been one of the villains this month to actually be a breakout villain. His issue wasn't an origin story, it was a character study. We see what makes him tick. What makes him an Atlantian. What makes Orm.

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