Aquaman #2

    Aquaman » Aquaman #2 - Single Wet Female released by DC Comics on September 1, 1994.

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    Aquaman must save Aqualad, Dolphin, and himself from Charybdis, a deadly villain capable of negating one of the Sea King's key superpowers, which leads to dire consequences for Aquaman! Continued in AQUAMAN #0!

    Aquaman and Dolphin remain captives of Charybdis, as he introduces them to Scylla. Charybdis then reveals his plan to Aquaman and Dolphin, that he is slowly draining their powers to add to his own, but the process isn't permanent so the two will remain his prisoners for life. With Aquaman's powers he intends to detonate all the nuclear subs around the world. He then kills Scylla revealing her to be someone dressed up as his former wife, who was ultimately killed a year ago. At that moment Aquaman breaks free to attack him only to be shot by a tranquilizer.

    Meanwhile Aqulad escapes the sharks with the aid of a mysterious women who he sees as Tula, who tells him the location of Aquaman. Aquaman then manages to convince two nearby dolphins to aid him in his rescue of Aquaman, while Charybois tries in vain to master Aquaman's telepathy on a school of pirahana. He then uses Dolphin as a test to see how Aquaman's powers work. He tells Aquaman if he doesn't stop the piranha he will put her face in the piranha tank.

    Just in time Aqualad manages to cause a distraction which enables Aquaman to free himself while the base fills with water. Charybois then attempts to flee from Aquaman in order to reach his armory room, only to be met there by a waiting Aqualad who confronts him with a large weapon, he however misses setting several charges to explode which will destroy the lair. The three heroes then meet back up. Aquaman heads for land to pursue his foe in a jungle. The two then begin a battle, during which Aquaman loses a hand to a school of pirhana in a local river, as Charybois approaches a bleeding Aquaman he is shot in the chest by Dolphin,and tripped by Aquaman into the river where he is devoured.



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    Wr....Wr....Wrong. 0

    Tense The top two comic moments in Aquaman's history has to be when he looses his son and this issue when he looses his hand.  Now if I read this book not knowing what would happen later with his hand I would have been outraged.  Aquaman in my experience had always been this brooding environmentalist that I loved as a kid but couldn't figure out why as an adult.  Loosening his hand however was just another thing to put on the guy.  He was already brooding.  He lost his son and wife and his sid...

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