Aquaman #16

    Aquaman » Aquaman #16 - Kings released by DC Comics on January 1, 1996.

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    The Justice League guest-stars as Poseidonis rises to the surface of the ocean atop a massive sunken meteor, causing crises across the world. But when the Justice League investigates, Aquaman takes the interference as a personal affront!

    Dolphin is in awe at the size of the skull rock which has raised Poseidonis above the ocean, as Aquaman awaits on the top of the dome seeing a familiar aircraft coming he dives into the water warning Dolphin to prepare for trouble. The Justice League then arrives, being invited entrance by Aquaman. Aquaman and Dolphin then enter into a battle with League who demand to inspect his city, with Aquaman seeing this as a violation. He then floods then city once again when the tide of the battle shifts The League then votes to leave with Aquaman not posing a present danger, as Aquaman and Dolphin decide to locate the five lost cities of Atlantis.

    While in the sacred tunnels with Koryak and all of the Atlanteans being confronted by a newly awakened Kordax. Kordax then orders Koryak to bow when he recognized him as being a direct descendant, and blocking his hard water attack casually. Kordax then defeat Koryak and the Atlantean soldiers ordering them to prepare the citizens to be his new slaves and ready to be transported.



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    I was looking around for the Aquaman story arc with Koryak and Kako and while doing so I stumbled across this issue which features my favourite character on the cover so I figured I might read and review it, but in retrospect I wish I hadn't.  the premise is pretty shaky (at least the main part) - the Justice League is not sure what Arthur is up to so they go to investigate Atlantis.  When they find him there and not so receptive they decide to resort to force which quickly descends into a rathe...

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