Aquaman #12

    Aquaman » Aquaman #12 - Bridge Over Troubled Water released by DC Comics on January 2004.

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    JLA cameos at beginning and end of story. In “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” the conflict between Aquaman and The Thirst reaches its climax! The action-soaked first year of AQUAMAN concludes with a final battle that will leave Aquaman changed forever and have a dramatic effect on the city of Atlantis.

    Batman rejoining with Superman and Wonder Woman voices his fears that the cause of the various mutated sea life threatening the coasts are mystical in nature,while bringing in Manitou Raven who shows the trio the future of the Earth.While elsewhere Sweeny and McCaffrey are being overrun by hyper revolved sea creatures before successfully escaping,before McCaffrey collapses.While Manta awakens only to be confronted by the merged Aquaman and Thirst before trying to convince Aquaman to heal him once again while the two struggle for control of there form.While back in New Atlantis Vulko and Tempest have successfully captured Hagen who continues taunting them that they have no way to reverse the black magic which has been pumped into the world's oceans. The fused being then confronts the troll Modg, who tells the future of The Thirst's defeat,giving a cryptic advice before being swatted aside as the being arrives to the dying Lady of the Lake.

    Aquaman is then successful in deciphering the clue, giving into the dark and kissing the Lady of the Lake to awaken her.While back in the cave the injured Manta awakens to see the four rivers return and The Thirst's various minions are restored.While Batman,Superman, and Wonder Woman prepare for the defense of the world when the pure life energy returns,withering the various mutated creatures of the sea leaving the three bewildered at who saved the world. While back at New Atlantis Hagen's ultimate creature implodes,as Aquaman awakens on Traitor's Reed talking with the Lady who tells him he is now free to utilize his healing power in any way with which he sees fit.He then returns to Mitzen Head to heal McCaffrey arriving to his funeral,saying goodbye to Sweeney as he sets out to return to Atlantis.


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