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    Aquaman of the 853rd century is the mighty protector of Neptune and a member of Justice Legion A.

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    Aquaman 1000000 (also known as the Mighty Mariner, King of Waves, Monarch of the Neptune Seas, Master of Moisture) is the protector of the water planet Neptune. He patrols and protects the entire planet (which is much larger than Earth) and is also a member of the greatest team of superheroes of the 853rd century, the Justice Legion A.


    Aquaman 1000000 was created by Grant Morrison, Howard Porter and Val Semeiks. His first appearance was in Justice League #23 (October 1998).

    Major Story Arcs

    DC One Million

    The members of Justice Legion A travel to the past from the 853rd century to invite the original JLA in the future to participate in the celebrations for the reemergence of the original Superman. The Legionnaires stay in the past to protect it while the Leaguers perform for the future audiences. But Vandal Savage and the sentient sun Solaris plan to end the Superman Dynasty by attacking the past with a futuristic virus while Solaris attempts to kill Superman before he awakens in the future.

    After a brief fight between the Justice Leagion A and the reserve members of the JLA (where Aquaman 1000000 fights the Ray and later Zauriel) both groups agree to work together in order to beat the virus and reestablish contact with the future of the 853rd century and the JLA.

    Both teams succeed and both villains are defeated, Vandal Savage in the past and Solaris in the future.

    Hourman One Million

    Justice Legion A locate Hourman 1000000 and fight to defeat a new enemy in the future, the Else Spheres.

    Crisis One Million

    After a scheduled visit by Superwoman to the tesseract in order to discuss trade between universe, chaos erupts when planar space-time begins folding setting galaxies on a collision course. This causes alternate versions of the JLA to appear at the same place (from all over Hypertime) and a huge brawl ensues.

    Aquaman 1000000 fights against alternate versions of Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Flash.

    After an effort by the Justice Legion A and the Primate Legion (led by Titano 1000000) order is restored and everything returns back to normal

    Deep Cover

    Aquaman 1000000 discovers some dead members of the prelate and goes to investigate. He uncovers a plot but the future versions of Black Manta and Scavenger and proceeds to stop them.

    Tour of Duty

    Aquaman 1000000 is seen moving immense quantities of liquid through space on his own. He is moving the liquid from Neptune drought stricken planet Conmex III.

    New 52

    Justice Legion A has been seen in pages of the first issue of Convergence, the upcoming DC crossover. They fight the original pre Crisis Crime Syndicate and the effects of Convergence probably restore them to their timeline after the end if the event.

    Powers and Abilities

    Aquaman 1000000, like all the members of Justice Legion A, is very powerful. He possesses some of the powers Aquaman has with some major differences. His has aquamarine skin and eyes and his hair seems to be composed of water.

    Superhuman Strength

    Aquaman 1000000 has superhuman strength. He was able to beat an alternate version of Aquaman in physical combat and tear up the huge mechanical future Scavenger. He can also swim through currents violent enough to strip a normal man's skin and wields an enormous anchor with a chain as a one handed weapon. Using his chained anchor he was able to break Power Ring's green energy constructs.

    Superhuman Durability / Stamina

    Aquaman 1000000 has a high degree of invulnerability. He can casually survive at pressures that would liquefy Kryptonian steel and temperatures so cold the ocean becomes superconductive. He is highly resistant to energy attacks such as electric charges by future Black Manta. He is immune to radiation and can survive at ground zero of a nuclear strike (where Blue Beetle notes that nothing can survive) or casually move and survive in space under his own power. Finally he is extremely durable against blunt damage, as he was able to take a direct punch from an alternate Green Lantern on the back of his head without any trouble and keep on fighting. His stamina is similarly superhuman. He covers vast distances on his own and is the sole protector of a planet with a surface 15 larger than earth (which impresses Aquaman). He can also withstand Vandal Savage's virus better than any normal human and most metahumans.

    Superhuman Speed / Agility / Reflexes

    Aquaman 1000000 has superhuman swimming and flight speed, as well as reflexes and agility. He can outswimm the jet pack powered future Black Manta and dodge smart missiles locked to his DNA. He can also fly using his water control at speeds high enough to keep up with a running and John Fox and Batman 1000000 future batplane. He was also able to hit an alternate Flash with his water control and can act in a nanosecond (underwater at least). He can also leap high enough to engage a hovering Power Ring, out of water.

    Underwater Adaptation

    Aquaman 1000000 can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep. In addition he can similarly survive in the much more extreme conditions of even the deepest parts of Neptune. He can breath both on land and underwater.

    Enhanced Senses

    He has shown the ability to see normally even at the bottom of Neptune's oceans and can feel water.

    Evolved Intellect

    He has an evolved intellect with neo-cortex structures and is capable of supercortical reasoning.

    Water Control

    Aquaman 1000000 possesses immensely powerful water control abilities on a planetary level. He can combine molecules everywhere to create water, he can fly through air or space via controlling water at great speeds, engulf someone in water and contain them (like Zauriel and the Ray) or move planetary amounts of liquid without any strain. He can also form hard water constructs on a planetary level and cause a thousand years of erosion instantly on an opponent or refract light based attacks. In addition he can freeze or superheat water and control water in another persons body, causing them to dehydrate and knock them out (or kill them if he wants). His water control is powerful enough to hold of an alternate Flash and Wonder Woman at the same time during combat.

    In short Aquaman 1000000 is one of the most powerful water manipulators in the DC universe.


    Aquaman can fly through air or space via his water control and is fast enough to keep up with John Fox and the future Batplane while charging an opponent.

    Experienced Warrior / Leader

    Aquaman 1000000 is the sole protector of an entire planet and member of the most powerful future super hero team. He has trained with Justice Legion A and participates in their "power workouts". He has vast experience fighting against underwater pirate kingdoms, the Justice Legions enemies and has quelled on his own scores of privateer clans. He was able to beat an alternate version Aquaman in melee combat and can improvise and surprise his opponents. He is unmatched in the use of water control in combat.

    He is also an experienced leader of an entire planet, leading Neptune alongside the governors of Neptune Territory and future Tempest.

    He is also highly skilled in the use of his massive chained anchor (used also as a projectile) and his energy based ether net (similar to a gladiator's trident and net style).

    Weapons and Equipment

    Aquaman 1000000 uses a massive chained anchor as a melee weapon and an energized net as a secondary weapon.

    Massive Chained Anchor

    Aquaman 1000000 wields a massive chained anchor. It's durable enough to survive at depths that would liquefy Kryptonian steel. It can also shatter Power Ring's green energy constructs.

    Ether Net

    Aquaman 1000000 also wields a special energy net. called ether net, that can restrain opponents and knock them unconscious.


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