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Atlantis's hero Aquaman returns from a journey which has kept him from the city for months, only to find 3 Atlanteans dead and a outpost destroyed spurring him to race back to his kingdom.On his journey home he finds yet another outpost has been destroyed with soldiers dead. Aquaman then arrives to his city, to find it invaded with the invaders dismantling the Atlantis salt mines, which are Atlantis's number one trade product to the surface world.

Aquaman then allows himself the be captured for answers, awakening in a prison cell for political prisoners. Flashbacks then reveal Vulko's death, while Pletus vied for the throne with the army backing a mentally ill Mera, who slipped slowly into insanity over the death of her son, until forced to be put into an asylum, while Aqualad vowed to stay out of the situation.

Pletus was set to rule until the invaders arrived, with the General assumed power until killed in the battle, with Pletus finally assuming power. Pletus eventually grew mad with power, executing his own troops before finally surrendering to the enemy and being executed. The jelly fish invaders are then revealed as the enemy, with a plan from humans set to wipe out the Atlanteans.

Mera in her asylum room then feels Aquaman's return to Atlantis, demanding to be let out. Meanwhile Aquaman attempts his escape, only to be confronted by another prisoner intent on using him in exchange for his freedom. After overcoming his opponent, it is then revealed that the minimal security unit is in fact the cover for the resistance movement.

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