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    When San Diego was rendered underwater and renamed Sub Diego, Lorena Marquez was one of the survivors that developed the capabilities to breathe underwater. After helping Aquaman, she took up the mantle of Aquagirl. Lorena has served as a member of the Teen Titans.

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    Lorena and Aquaman
    Lorena and Aquaman

    A young woman from San Diego who was one of thousands to find themselves submerged when the city was torn apart by an earthquake. Like many of the survivors, she found she could breathe underwater thanks to the experiments of a man named Geist.

    With the help of Lorena, Aquaman sought out the remaining survivors of San Diego. They located a number of survivors as well as the man responsible for their condition: a scientist named Geist. Geist used Aquaman's DNA to introduce a genetic anomaly into the San Diego water supply. This self-replicating strand of DNA converted the populace's respiratory, auditory, ocular and muscular systems to a more marine-based model. This experiment was done in the name of science - Geist's effort to save humanity from the upcoming global warming. Geist was financed by a mysterious corporate benefactor , whose identity remains a mystery. The corporation had caused the quake which sunk San Diego to test the results of Geist's' experiments. Lorena strong will, ability to speak her mind, and willingness to do what is necessary gains her an instant spot at Aquaman's side.

    Major Story Arcs

    Early Adventures With Aquaman

    When Ocean Master used mystical means to switch lives with Aquaman, Lorena assumed the role of Aquagirl in the new twisted reality. After Aquaman exposed his scheme, Lorena decided to keep the costume she had acquired. She had, in essence, become the new Aquagirl. In the beginning Aquaman doesn't really want her in the role but comes to realize she is the best person for the job. She becomes his "hero-in-training". She continues ot go on missions with him proving herself time and time again. When there was a string of homicides in Sub Diego, Lorena was one of the first to discover that it was former police officer Charolette Abbot who was guilty. The two fight and Charolette admits she didn't understand why Aquaman would allow Lorena to help him but she at that moment she understood, she is a good detective. They end up defeating Charolette and sending her to Sub Diego's own version of Arkham Asylum.

    When the people of Sub Diego found themselves unable to breathe water, Aquaman bargained with the sea god to control magic. It was later revealed though that an small amount still kept their aquatic features and remain in a yet defined portion of the city that remains. Lorena was one of those people and continued to defend the city with Cal Durham.

    One Year Later

    Aquagirl's photo in Raven's scrapbook depicting all of the Teen Titans members during the missing year
    Aquagirl's photo in Raven's scrapbook depicting all of the Teen Titans members during the missing year

    During the missing year in the DCU, Aquagirl was revealed to have joined the Teen Titans for a short time after Superboy's death. Even though the group stayed in constant upheaval, Lorena remained a member for some time. Aquagirl is shown to be a member of the Teen Titans when the team assists Steel and his assault on the Lexcorp building to free Natasha Irons. The reason for Aquagirl's departure from the Teen Titans is never specifically given but Lorena was shown getting into an argument with fellow teammate Hawk. When Lorena reflected on her time as a Titan following her being freed from the Dark Side Club, she remembers it fondly and it prompts her to rejoin the team.

    Teen Titans

    Lorena is one of the teenaged heroes that is captured by the Terror Titans and brainwashed into fighting other teen metahumans in the Dark Side Club. She makes it to round three putting up strong resistance to Rose Wilson and Terra, though she eventually loses. Miss Martian, who is undercover in the club, snapped Lorena and the other heroes out of the brainwashing and the teens heroes defeated Clock King and the Terror Titans together.

    The refugees from the Dark Side Club followed Miss Martian to Titans Tower where they were offered sanctuary by Wonder Girl, the new leader of the Teen Titans. Aquagirl is offered to rejoin the team and decides to do so. She quickly forms a strong friendship with teammate Static and an intense rivalry with former traitor Bombshell. Lorena does not like Bombshell and still does not trust her as Aquagirl was on the team when Amy was Deathstroke's informant.

    Aquagirl as a member of Wonder Girl's Teen Titans
    Aquagirl as a member of Wonder Girl's Teen Titans

    Once back being a member of the Teen Titans, Aquagirl and the rest of the team get caught up in the return of Jericho and his crazed plot to kill all Titans. With Jericho defeated, the team returns to California with Ravager in toe. Aquagirl is one of the members to vote to give Rose another chance on the team, albeit a moot point as Ravager leaves on her own accord. Lorena then shows that she is very flirty and has a crush of fellow Titan Blue Beetle. Aquagirl attempts to come between Jaime and his girlfriend, fellow heroine Traci 13, but also works well with Traci when the team is attacked by the Fearsome Five.

    The death of Eddie Bloomberg solidifies the team and they constantly strive to be better following the incident. The return of Beast Boy and Raven to the Teen Titans causes a rift in leadership in which Aquagirl and the other Titans support Wonder Girl as their true leader. A mission in Dakota pits the team against Static's enemy, Holocaust. Aquagirl goes mano y mano with the villain and holds her own, demonstrating her heightened physical strength. Superboy and Kid Flash rejoin the team following this mission and Lorena begins a flirtatious relationship with Superboy as well. Aquagirl is removed from the team after the being lost in the depths of the ocean with Bombshell on a mission against the mythical Wyld. Wonder Girl and the other Titans rescue them but Cassie ultimately decides she cannot lead anybody that she does not feel comfortable leading into danger.


    After being saved by the Teen Titans when she got lost at the sea, Lorena decided to leave the team. But she had no time to rest once Mera came to her asking help to fight against Siren and Black Manta. Lorena accepted, and they headed off to help Aquaman and Aqualad. The Siren lead Xebelians were eventually fought off and driven back into the Bermuda Triangle, where Aqualad sealed the dimensional barrier, thus ending their attack.

    Other Versions

    Titans of Tomorrow


    When the Teen Titans are thrown years into the future, they find themselves to be tyrannical rulers of a dystopian society. While Aquagirl was not a member of the team at that time, she was a member in the future. In this timeline, Lorena has taken the name Aquawoman.

    Powers and Abilities


    Lorena has the ability to breathe underwater, extreme durability high enough to be unaffected by the immense pressure and the cold temperature of the ocean depths, enhanced strength, and is able to swim up to speeds of 100 mph.

    In the Titans Tomorrow future, Lorena developed telepathic abilities which she was able to use to communicate with marine life and other sentient beings, and also read minds. However, Lorena has yet to show any signs of this ability.

    Lorena also has shown a keen deductive mind, able to discover a killer in Sub Diego when no one else could. This helped gained her more respect from Aquaman.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 155 lbs
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: California
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Base of Operations: Sub Diego, California

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