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Mareena is the daughter of Aquaman and Mera. When she decided to become a superhero, she joined Superman in the Justice League Unlimited.

Character Evolution

Animated Marina
Animated Marina

In the DC Animated Universe there is no Aquagirl in the present, however there is one roughly 50 years in the future. This Aquagirl is the daughter of Aquaman and a member of the Justice League Unlimited. This Aquagirl demonstrates powers much like her father but also forms of water and ice control. She appeared in The Call Pts. 1 and 2 on Batman Beyond and in the Justice League episode Epilogue set 15 years after Batman Beyond.

Powers & Abilities

Like all Atlanteans, Mareena can breathe underwater and her physical abilities such as strength, endurance, and equilibrium are greater than a normal human. With the addition of resistance to cold temperatures, she can also swim exceptionally well and at speeds humans can not reach. She is a hydrokinetic like her mother, meaning she can control water in any form, and she also inherited her father's ability to telepathically communicate with marine life.

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