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After having 97 details of warrior service, he was sent to spy on Waziliah for Empress R'Kill. He changed himself into a female and when the genetics bomb exploded and trapped all Skrulls in their current form, Aptak was stuck as a woman.

Aptak is third in command to Kylor, one of five Skrulls claiming to be Emperor. He was chosen because his military mind is second to none.

He was lovers with Nenora, who was trapped as a blue skinned Kree. She was infiltrating the Kree high command for Kylor. When Supreme Intelligence lost his mind, Nenora became Supreme Leader of the Kree.

He visited Nenora on Kree-Lar posing as the Ambassador to Waziliah. Nenora embraced him but soon poisoned him wanting all those that knew of her being a Skrull to be out of the way so she could rule the Kree Empire.

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