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Very little is known about Application Nine and most of his background is still kept in secret. His first appearance was in Soldier Zero #5 - Code Icarus, Part One in a hospital at Los Alamos, New Mexico. The purpose of his visit was focused on retrieving Solider Zero's exotech under Code Icarus, a procedure "The Company" takes in order to extract or recover alien technology from a particular place.

Meeting outside combat
Meeting outside combat

His character revolves around the fact he's an agent for "The Company" and that he's an specialist in alien technology, also claiming his suit is a reversal engineered model of exotech similar to Soldier Zero's, improved through a significant amount of patented proprietorial software.

"The Company" and its moral alignment is still a mystery but Application Nine made it pretty clear it is of very important for Soldier Zero to keep the Exotech off the government's hands and in the best of cases, to hand the technology to "The Company".


Application Nine features an advanced presentation of alien technology in the form of a suit which grants him super human physical attributes and defenses against very specific situations like suspended animation. Coupled with this, a multi-task device that grants him the ability to cast "apps" that allow him to bring force fields up, amplify his strength further, telekinesis, holograms, voice changers, technopathy, energy projection and constructs.

App Right Hook
App Right Hook

Exotech Suit: "The Company" suited Application Nine with an alien exoskeleton that grants him super human strength, agility, stamina, endurance and durability.

App Device: "The Company" equipped Application Nine with a device the size of an Iphone with multi-functionality under several circumstances.

Energy Projection: Application Nine is able to cast energy in the form of beams and bursts through the use of his App Device.

Energy Force Field: Application Nine can cast force fields with his App Device.

Telekinesis: With his App Device, Application Nine can project telekinesis to move, grab and launch objects in the air with significant force.

Darth Vader is that you?
Darth Vader is that you?

Strength Amplification: Application Nine can boost his strength even further, making him able to fight Soldier Zero on equal ground.

Technopathy: Application Nine can hijack and hack other technology with outstanding ease by using his App Device.

Durability Amplification: Application Nine, just like his strength, can boost his durability on a high degree, making him capable of withstanding attacks from Soldier Zero.

Camouflage: With the use of his Exoskeleton and his App Device, Application Nine can hide himself under holograms that can fool most optic scanners. This ability extends to sound scanners as well.

Perpetual Animation: The Exoskeleton provides the user with resistance to suspended animation and other disabling situations, specially involving time-warping paraphernalia.

Martial Arts: Application Nine developed a combination of App Device and mixed martial arts, resulting in a very unique and formidable fighting style that proved to be most efficient.

Intellectually Adept: Application Nine has vast knowledge in the field of extraterrestrial technology and is genuinely intuitive when dealing with new material.

Teleportation: Application Nine has the ability to teleport himself to other places, however, this seems to be strictly for traveling purposes.

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