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    Apollo is the Greek god of light, truth, prophecy, medicine, healing, plague, music, poetry, archery, and the arts. He has also been associated with the sun.

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    Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and the younger twin brother of goddess of the moon Artemis. He was the Greek god of light, truth, prophecy, medicine, healing, plague, music, poetry, archery, and the arts. He has also been associated as the sun of a king (ref. Zeus).


    Two thousand years ago, at Mt. Gaurus home of the Temple of Apollo and Artemis and a "Nexus of all Possible Realities", Apollo made Sybylla their Oracle. When her mortal life ended, Apollo offered her a place in Olympus, she declined asking for her spirit to stay in the temple and watch over the Sibylline sisterhood. Centuries later, leader of the sisterhood Thaleia was driven insane and killed herself, which broke up the Sibylline sisterhood. Apollo sealed Thaleia's soul within her body and placed it into suspended animation, so that Thalia one day might redeem herself. Sibylla with the help of Dr. Strange, Clea, and Thaleia sealed the portal at Apollo's Temple averting the Black Oracle and keeping the Other worldly Roman Sorcerer Xennus from conquering Earth 616. Thaleia's spirit redeemed was sent to Apollo.

    Modern Times:

    When Hercules was trying to convince Zeus to wage war against Asgard, Apollo was among the gods opposed to the conflict.

    Tended Venus after Returning from a visit to earth. Followed Venus back to earth and took the name "Paul Belvedere" to interact with mortals. Because the Sun would not set while on Earth went back to Olympus. Zeus sent Apollo and Daphne back to Earth under the aliases of "Renee Andre" and "Rona Belladonna" to break up Meg Saunders and her boyfriend so that Venus would be forced to return to Olympus, Venus kept them together and earned Zeus's approval.

    When the Son of Satan threatened the earth with catastrophes, Venus called Apollo to end the flood, and later imprison the Son of Satan within a Disc of Flame and sent him hurling into space.

    Apollo was witness to Hercules and Thor as they fought over the enchanted pig of Dionysus. Also Apollo was present when Zeus granted Power to Thor to help resurrect the Asgardian gods slain by the Celestials. Apollo has lost a drinking contest with the Hulk.

    Apollo was sent by Zeus to aid Thor, other storm-gods, and light-gods from other pantheons to investigate the return of Demogorge the God-Eater. Apollo and other were eaten by Demogorge, but were saved by Thor.

    Apollo attended to Hercules after being gravely injured by the Masters of Evil. The Avengers accused Zeus of the injuries and asked Apollo for his help against Zeus. Zeus learned quickly of his Apollo's betrayal and struck down Apollo and other Olympians who had joined the Avengers, along with some Avengers. Zeus and the Avengers saw their mistakes and Zeus had all the Gods sent to Olympus save Apollo who was held back to heal Captain America's broken Legs, and Dr. Druids head.

    Apollo received help form Ares on Battle tactics when Olympus was invaded by the Japanese demons led by Mikaboshi. Apollo and Ares with the other Olympians were successful in defeating Mikaboshi. He along with his brothers, Hercules and Ares, (the three sons of Zeus) were instrumental in the dark god's defeat. He served as a foil for his brother's insesant rivalry, and was able to do his part. At the end of the battle his status had been in question.

    Yet Apollo survived Olympus' destruction. Travelling to Earth, he continued on in his guise as Paule Belvedere. When Hera and Hades summoned the gods together, Apollo was the most vocal. When Hera attmpted to start the meeting, he questioned her on the abscence of his Uncle Poseidon and also of his brother Ares. When Hera attempted to talk him down, he ignored her continuing to mention the abscence of his sister Athena. Hera responded by using Zeus' thunderbolt on his son, attempting to put him in his place. Apollo subsided for the momment, partially out of shock from Hera's announcement of the planned deaths of Hercules and Athena (the children of Zeus most suited, and most likely, to take over in his stead)


    Zeus is missing and Apollo need to find out where Zeus is getting around. According to Apollo's oracles he doesn't exist. Apollo went to meet his brother War in Darfur to know his intentions about current situation. After striking a bargain with Hera, his fathers wife, Apollo and Artemis track Diana and her allies to Zola's small hometown of Oliveburn and collects Zola after a scuffle. For retrieving Zeus' latest dalliance, Hera hands over the Throne of Olympus to Apollo, thinking Zeus would return instantly to remove him, and her as she hopes he will do. To Hera's utter shock, Zeus does not return and Apollo, now King of Olympus, having expected on Hera remaining clinging to the old ways, banishes her from Olympus, rendering her mortal. He is then forced to negotiate a bargain for Artemis' life after Diana beats her and threatens her life.


    Apollo's appearance seems to be dictated by the position of the sun the same way his sister Artemis' is dictated by that of the moon. When the sun first rises he will ignite into a fiery being hot enough to burn human to cinders in a matter of seconds. But when the sun is not out or if there is a reverse hunters moon, Apollo will appear as an being made of dark volcanic glass, like onyx, with an orange glow in his eyes and mouth and combed back hair that's possibly braided, giving him an african appearance. Normally he seems to prefer radiating taste and tends to wear suits, ties and shirts, but like the rest of his family forgoes shoes.


    In the Star Trek Universe Apollo was an alien of seemingly unlimited power. Apollo claimed to be the ancient God of Earth. He needed to be worshiped and gave the Enterprise Crew quite a problem. Kirk was forced to destroy Apollo in order to leave. It was believed by James T. Kirk that he was the Apollo of Earth and because of his power would have been worshiped as a god.

    Powers & Abilities

    Apollo possesses the typical Olympian, god attributes of superhuman, physical properties,(strength, speed, stamina, agility, hearing, eyesight, smell etc.) vitality and immortality. He is immune from any Earthly injury or disease. He has a much faster metabolism that allows him to heal, recover, and recuperate at superhuman levels from any other worldly injuries. He is also stronger than the average Olympian god (class 30) and can lift about 400 tons. The godly abilities unique to him are the ability to heal others, as the God of the Sun Apollo has the ability to radiate great heat and light, which is comparable to a small sun. As the god of prophecy he can foresee, events in the future and in alternate futures and predict outcomes with some accuracy. These precognitions are delivered to the Oracle at Delphi. Also he has the ability to shape shift, travel between dimensions, magical abilities to send plagues, inflict curses, and bestow certain powers to others. He is a master harp and lyre player, has the Golden lyre. As well as Apollo is an archer and possesses in his arsenal mystical,arrows, some of which have flaming auras and radiate solar heat and flame, he is master of the Silver Bow and the Golden Lyre. Apollo also has a great Chariot led by two horses.


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