How dependent on the sun is Apollo?

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Don't know much about this character but is wanted to know if he is so dependent on the sun that he could be easily defeated at night? How often does he have to recharge?

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Does he still need to live in the sun in order to survive?

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@Kallarkz: As of the New 52, he still relies on solar energy, but not as much as he did before the reboot. So, he doesn't need to live in it.

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If he is away from sunlight for a night and uses his reserves to the max he'd be long dead before sunrise. At a stable rate he can last a night without becoming severely weak. He fully recharges in about 2 hours and can fly within 60 seconds of exposure to sunlight.

New 52 is seen running around and fighting at night so he doesn't need it to actually live anymore aka its more like superman type solar absorption.

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Its kind of a stupid weakness really, Superman is also powered by sunlight but it'd take like a year in the dark before it became a problem for him

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Ahhh ok thanks all. And yeah I was referring to the Apollo from stormwatch.

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It varies. in the beginning of The Authority, he could deplete his reserves if he went without sunlight for a few days, and used his powers heavily. He lived on the Carrier, which was a ship that had no access to sunlight, so it's not like he was totally dependent on it, though. With minimal use of his powers he could presumably go weeks. Once drained, he lost his invulnerability, strength etc. It will not kill him to lose his charge, he'll just lose his powers and become tired/weak. he was held prisoner for weeks in a dark room at minimal to no charge, and while not in good shape, he was alive. He could recharge in a couple minutes enough to use his powers, a couple hours to full charge.

During World's End, an apocalyptic event, something in him broke, and he had to fly above the clouds or he would drain himself within minutes.

In the New 52, he seems to take longer to charge under normal circumstances (he said something about a few days) which would make draining himself a bit riskier, since it would take longer for him to charge back up, assuming no super-charger beam. (which just blew up, presumably) but we don't yet have an indication of how easily he can drain himself, he seemed weak after the whole asteroid thing, he had to lean on Midnighter to walk, but he had also been fighting the rest of Stormwatch at night just prior to that and for all we know he could have been doing other things too.

I don't think it's a stupid weakness, he doesn't have a Kryptonite or anything, so...

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has this been further explored in stormwatch books?

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Everything is different since Flashpoint, but we seem to be safe in assuming that the Earths introduced since Countdown still exist. If that's the case, DC has made Apollo an alternate Earth version of Superman. I think you can expect his powers to start working more along the lines of Superman's - meaning the need to charge daily will probably slip away over time.

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