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The Apocalypse Beast is an alien with mysterious origins. Emerging from a giant egg that had arrived from space, the hatched Apocalypse Beast would roam and fed on mysterious organic egg structures which would render the Beast unconscious. The Deviants of the time would send the slumbering creature to another dimension. In time the Apocalypse Beast would return to Earth, and require Iron Man, Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four as well as the Moloids combined effort to stop the creature. The heroes would win by learning to use the functions of Monster Island learning it was built as a means to inject Moloids into the Apocalypse Beast by the Deviants and by this system the Moloids were able to attack the giant Apocalypse Beast from the inside out.   


The Apocalypse Beast is a Marvel comics character that first appears in Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #3 released in 2006. The Apocalypse Beast was created by writer Zeb Wells and penciler Seth Fisher. 

Powers and Abilities

The Apocalypse Beast is enormously humongous, to such a ridiculous extent that it can cover entire countries in a few steps. Bizarrely proportioned the Apocalypse Beast also several unusual anatomical features, including eye like structures on its chest, tongue, knees and elbows. A mouth orifice on its tongue and chest, and larger than usual claws and horns on its head. Yellow skinned, the Apocalypse Beast also has an unusually large tongue. The Apocalypse Beast possesses extraordinary levels of superhuman strength and superhuman durability. Apocalypse Beast can survive in the vacuum of space. Apocalypse Beast is of limited mental intelligence.    
Physical Characteristics  
Height: 15 800" 
Weight: 3,600,000,000,000 lbs 
Hair: None 
Eyes: Orange 

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