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    Olivia Arancina is one of the main characters in Ultra, an 8-issue miniseries created by the Luna Brothers and published by Image Comics

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     Olivia Arancina is a super model turned super heroine although she still does modeling projects.She is a close friend of Pearl Penalosa( Ultra) and Jennifer Janius( Cowgirl).She forced Pearl to go to the oracle with her and Jen.The oracle predicted that Olivia will suffer a loss within seven days,Jen will receive what she has given within seven days and Pearl will find true love within seven days.
    In a matter of minutes when she is driving her car with Pearl and Jen a truck hits it and the car explodes.All the girls survive with minor bruises.Jen and Liv realize that Liv just suffered a loss and the prediction came true however Pearl refuses to believe. 
    By the next day she receives her new car from her company.She is there when Pearl meets Jason and also helps her get ready for the date.When Pearl tells her that she is in love with Jason, Liv advises her to think over it and she can date many more men in five days but Pearl says that she is not whore like her which breaks Olive's heart. 
    She saves Ultra during an attack by a C rank super villain 'arsonist' by pulling up a truck which fell on her but by doing that she isn't able to save herself from the explosion of the truck.Next she is seen in the hospital visiting Ultra, she looked totally unbruised.Pearl asks apology and she forgives her and gives her the courage to go to the best super heroine awards. 
    Powers and Abilities     
    Aphrodite's powers aren't explained in the comic series but it can be deduced that she has invulnerability and super strength.She is seen surviving a car explosion and is able to lift a few tons.Even though she hadn't completely lifted the truck she still showed signs of exhaustion.


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