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    When a displaced race of super-beings make their way across the cosmos in a climactic event known as the Trek, one of their children becomes lost in a cosmic storm and is subsequently left inside a nebula to die. This child becomes Apex – the former pupil of none other than Meridian!

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    Apex is an alien who has made Earth his home where he acts as a superhero. A member of a race of super beings, this race was traversing the cosmos in an event known as the Trek, but Apex was caught in a cosmic storm and left in a nebula to die. This child would grow to become Apex, civilian name Michael Bedard. Apex was also a former student to the famed powerhouse hero Meridian. Apex has been a member of Third Force and has enemies such as The Final Five, Dr Hieronymus Higgens, the Br'kytt and the Conglomerate.


    Apex is a Boom! Studios published character that first appears in the 2012 series Deathmatch, appearing in its debut issue Deathmatch #1. Apex is designed and created by writer Paul Jenkins and artists Carlos Magno and Michael Garland, writers and artists of the series.

    Major Story Arcs


    Apex is one of many super heroes who finds himself trapped and imprisoned in a mysterious large closed structure. Apex along with the other heroes does't know how he ended up there, who is keeping them there, or for what reason. He is forced into a death match with the superhero Dragonfly in which he loses and is killed. This match is watched by the other superheroes. Apex is the first superhero victim.

    Powers and Abilities

    Apex’s powers are, on a lesser scale, similar to those of Meridian himself. However, he is prone to sudden bouts of weakness, the cause of which remains a mystery to this day. In recent years it has been hypothesized that Apex’s power losses are akin to a terrestrial bout of epilepsy.

    Apex projects a surly nature, possibly as a result of an inferiority complex regarding Meridian. He is rumored to have fathered a child with Warrior Woman, though the identity of that child has never been confirmed.


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