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Aoki Masaru is a boxing character created by Joji “George” Morikawa for his Manga series, Hajime no Ippo. The series started in 1990 and is still ongoing. He serves as one of the main characters. He is best friends with Kimura Tatsuya.


 Aoki celebrating a victory
 Aoki celebrating a victory
In the past, Aoki and his best friend, Kimura, were high school thugs. They considered themselves to be the toughest fighters around. They always made trouble and loved to brawl. Mostly they beat up students from North High, a rival school. They continued this until they both got kicked out of school and met Takamura Mamoru.   Takamura was the first person to beat the duo.   They decided tojoin the Kamogawa Boxing Gym in order to become stronger and defeat Takamura in a sparring match. They were unable to do so. Takamura eventually became their senpai.

Aoki eventually become a professional boxer. He trains his body well and is good at thinking up original techniques and tricky tactics to confuse his opponents during fights. Though he has trained his body well, he is often comically portrayed as the weakest of the main characters. On the other hand, he excels at other sports. This has prompted Takamura to mockingly point out that Aoki has frightening talent at everything except boxing. Aoki frequently works part-time at a Ramen restaurant that Ippo and the others often stop by after training, and his skills in the kitchen are said by Takamura to be much better than his skills in the ring.   Aoki has expressed interest in opening his own restaurant after he retires from boxing. Aoki currently has a girlfriend, Tomiko, whom he met on a group date and now lives with.



Aoki is the comic relief of the group. His facial expressions, mannerisms, and the fact that he is usually Takamura’s first prank victim, is a source for laughter. Due to the numerous times being dumped by the pretty girls in high school, he's developed a taste for women with unattractive faces.

Fighting Style


Aoki is an “In Fighter”. He is known for his unorthodox boxing techniques. He lacks the talent that gym mates Takamura and Ippo have, but makes up for it with his creativity and intelligence.  He has come up with man of his own techniques, such as the Frog Punch and Look Away. Aoki has no real finishing punch and because of this, many of his matches end up turning mud fights. He often takes a lot of damage during his matches.


  • Height: Unknown.
  • Weight Class: Lightweight.
  • Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan.
  • Date of Birth: September 9, 1971.
  • Boxing Style: In Fighter.
  • Boxing Rank: 7th in Japanese Boxing Commission.

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