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    The bodyguard of the Mizukage and a hunter-nin who possesses a byakugan. He is also a very powerful sensor ninja. He is currently the captain of the sensor division in the shinobi world war.

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    Ao is an experienced veteran, having been raised under the feared regime of the Bloody Mist      
    At one point he defeated an unknown Hyūga, taking one of the Hyūga's byakugan and implanting it into his own right eye socket. Later, he had a confrontation with Shisui, which left enough of an impact on Ao for him to clearly remember Shisui's abilities and his chakra colour long after the event.  


    Ao is a middle aged man with a patch over his right eye, under which he hides a byakugan he took from a hyuga member he defeated. He wears a talisman in each ear with the kanji for a humble form of "to hear" (承, shō, uketamawa(ru)) written on them twice on each side. These talismans react when his Byakugan is under threat and will protect it from anyone, even himself. He also wears a striped shirt and pants with seemingly the same pattern, with a green robe over them.     


    Ao has shown to be prideful and somewhat masculine as he believes that men should be tough and decisive, constantly scolding Chojuro for his pessimistic and weak demeanor. This attitude seems to be caused by his up-bringing during the times when Kirigakure was known as the Bloody Mist Village. He has a tendency of bringing up how things were done during those days, usually while fussing over Chōjūrō's behavior.    


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