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Jeff Colt was a veterinarian who while at Point Promontory came into contact with the broken remains of the Omegatron. The Omegatron grant Jeff untold power but the more he used it the greater the likelyhood the Omegatron would overload and end life on the planet.

Major Story Arcs

Jeff first discovered that he possessed powers when he tried to stop a robbery. He continued to try to stop crime not realizing that he was bringing the world closer and closer to armaggeddon. He was tracked down by the Defenders who he attacked. Fortunately Nighthawk tricked him onto an abandoned island and Doctor Strange was able to sever his link with the Omegatron.


Jeff possessed any power he needed reflexively to defeat a nearby threat. If no threat was close he was powerless. These powers included super speed, super strength, increased durability, flight, and turning an ordinary stick into an iron-like density capable of being wielded against Dragonfang.

Currently, he has no powers.


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